Championship Ballroom Dancing 1983-1996?

I've got an email in to WGBH, but does anyone here have any info on this?

I've successfully captured 1997-2000 from my VHS stash, but I'm at a loss for anything earlier. I'm willing to share... ;)
I don't think WGBH ever published videos for that series. In a recent FAQ (within the last year) they indicated that clearing the music rights for reproduction was too costly for them.


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Who was in the 1997 Standard final and how were their placings? I might have 1996, possibly even 1995.


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Joe-- I believe that was the last yr that Timothy and Michelle danced .( Masons ) . They have a school in Tampa-- might be able to help .
I got a reponse from WGBH - they said that they don't offer it for sale, but they sometimes make it available for educational purposes. Here's hoping they let me get a copy (fingers crossed).

As for who was in the Standard Final in 1997, it was:

Timothy & Michelle Mason
Nick Cotton & Maria Hansen
Igor & Irina Suvarov
Rauno & Kristiina Ilo
Stewart Cole & Masako Yamada
Gary & Diana Macdonald

Showdance 1st Place: Nick Cotton & Maria Hansen

Standard Placements
6th: Gary & Diana Macdonald
5th: Stewart Cole & Masako Yamada
4th: Rauno & Kristiina Ilo
3rd: Nick Cotton & Maria Hansen
(placed 3rd in all dances)
2nd: Igor & Irina Suvarov
(placed 2nd in waltz,1st in tango, 2nd in v. waltz, 2nd in foxtrot & 1st in quckstep)
1st: Timothy & Michelle Mason
(placed 1st in waltz,2nd in tango, 1st in v. waltz, 1st in foxtrot & 2nd in quckstep)
No prob. Another bit of trivia is located at DanceVision. If you go to the buyer's guide/resources area, you can find a listing of all former US Ballroom Championship title holders. It goes back to the 60s. What I CAN'T find is a similar listing for the OSB. You'd think since it has been televised for ~20 years, it would have those results SOMEWHERE out there on the interwebs.
1997 - where were Victor Veyrasset/Heather Smith & Jonathan Wilkins/Katusha? I know in 1996 Blackpool both couples were there. V/H might have retired.
I think I have the same years. Iirc, Jonathan Wilkins and Katusha were in one of those comps. If it wasn't 97, then within a year or two either side. They're on one of the tapes I have.
(Since my VCR hasn't been connected in years, I haven't seen them. At one point, a friend of mine digitized my tapes, and was supposed to give me dvds of them, but then he got engaged. . . and yeah.)
1997 - where were Victor Veyrasset/Heather Smith & Jonathan Wilkins/Katusha? I know in 1996 Blackpool both couples were there. V/H might have retired.
They were in Miami @ USBC. ;)

United States National Professional International Standard Champions
1998-2002, Jonathan Wilkins & Katusha Demidova-New York
1993-1997, Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith-California
1992, Victor Veyrasset & Kathryn Schaffer-California
1991, Stephen & Elizabeth Cullip-Washington
1987-1990, Victor Veyrasset & Cynthia Dostal-California
Does anyone have a complete performer list/song list from the 1996 and 1997 specials? I saw one of the specials years ago and all that I can remember is that Barbara Eden of "I Dream of Jeanie" fame was one of the hosts.

Thank you, pleasure being here :)

Oh, and btw, if a performance list has been published, I would be appreciative.

You see, I had a VHS homemade copy of one of these specials (I can't remember which one), and I have either lost it or accidentally destroyed it. It's okay, because my reception wasn't so great that night lol.
If this helps, I do remember a dance routine involving a couple and a wooden chair. I can't remember the name of the song (although the singer's voice reminded me of Lou Rawls) or the name of the couple.

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