Changes in Triple 2-Step?

I've found that for my students, reconfiguring a routine to involve all that technique is a little time consuming, just because you are trying to retrain something that your body does pretty naturally already.
The triple is "like" ECS to the extent that both dances have a trip-le-step trip-le-step walk-walk (or rock-step) rhythm pattern. Last night the DJ played several fastish triple songs, and some of us chose to do ECS instead. So the two dances are alike inasmuch as, once in a while, a song comes along that either dance can be danced to it.

Other than that, they aren't much alike. But they are both fun! :bouncy:
Ok. Thank you! That makes sense. And that's sort of what I was thiinking too about the steps being alike. I haven't really danced it to ECS music. I danced it to more like really fast Country Swing lol, but that's good to know! I love dancing the triple two step as well as the other CW dances. I just don't take lessons in that category any more.

And I got to thinking about the reason why I was confused about the Waltz being compared to triple step is because the Waltz to me is a very elegant smooth classy like dance whereas I just don't see the triple as being anything like that. The Country Waltz is very similar in many ways though, but that's about the only dance that is similar in my mind anyways. That's just my opinion.

And after all this talk about Country, I finally listened to some of my country music last night instead of the other songs I usually listen to for my lessons in International lol! Somehow I was put in the mood to do so. And I must say that Country slow songs are so much better written and sung than what pop stars do etc. They just have so much meaning to them. I had forgotten that until last night!

Steve Pastor

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There is a lot of sophistication in country music that is overlooked by many people. In many ways it just doesn't get no respect.
A few Sauturdays ago I wasn't dancing much because it was a light crowd, and I didn't see anyone I really wanted to dance with.
Here comes this waltz by Garth Brooks. I had heard it a bunch of times before, but had never really listened to it before, I guess.
The instruments "took turns" emphasizing different beats of the waltz timing. There was no noticeable percussion "marching" along in the 3/4 time. There were pauses between the sets of lyrics.
It reminded very much of tango vals. I only wish that I had someone to dance with who would have "gotten it" when I stepped only with the beats the then lead instrument was hitting, rather than always staying with a strict waltz.
Anyhow, I was so taken, and didn't know which of Garth's songs it was, that I asked the dj.
"Cowboy Bill", he said. At first I thought he was joking. But, there it is.
"Cowboy Bill" by Garth Brooks - Poetry in country music with the sophistication of Argentine tango vals.

Steve Pastor

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So, in competition, do (did) people dance it straight waltz, or do (did) they vary their steps to things that happen in the music that aren't the familiar 1 23 ?

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