Cheek to Cheek?

I always dance with my chest touching my partner's chest and our faces together in some way. Call it whatever style you like.
I don't know exactly where Pellicoro is coming from or who he is, but it is fairly common for people to come to Argentine Tango from ballroom. The complaint from the leaders in Argentine Tango is that the followers who were ballroom lean away from the man and make it impossible to lead. The man leans forward to let the follower know it is time to dance, and the follower just leans back more. If the embrace is right, the follower moves her feet and whole body even if the man only leans a bit into her. Whatever your head postition, you have to be able to move with the leader. It makes for so much more sensitivity if the faces are together. What I normally tell people is that if they can't get close, they might not like Argentine Tango.
I don't think the article takes a close look at the way competition and ballroom and things really are. I don't see any competitions where people dance Tango or anything else cheek to cheek. The woman in ballroom leans back, fills the right arm of the man and sticks her pelvis into his. Now which do you think is closer, faces together or crotches touching?


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Huh? This sounds really challenging (for an American girl with personal space issues) but SO sexy. I guess I'd better start going back to those AT classes. (I'd stopped because of my ballroom comp) I think it's time. :D
There's no shortage of people selling Argentine Tango as sex. But when your mother put her cheek next to yours when you were a baby, were you having sex with her?
Americans are just a little strange sometimes. To dance together, you have to get close to your partner. That's all there is to it. The ballroomers stick their crotches together, the Argentines, the faces.


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Hehe! :lol: :lol: Not necessarily crotches! :lol: :lol:

But I would love to get comfortable with this kind of dancing. I was raised with hugs until about age nine, then very little physical contact. But body contact is no problem for me now. So I don't think cheek to cheek will be either. It's time to go back to my AT classes. Seriously. Now THAT's dancing. :D
Don't get too used to the cheek to cheek. Some Americans just don't like it. It takes a lot of practice for some American girls to get used to it, or just one night in Buenos Aires.


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Fine. I won't get used to it. But I still want to try it. How about with my coach? He does AT. And I feel comfortable with him. Why not try it? At least, I can be ready for whatever lead comes my way. :D

And one of these days -- why not Buenos Aires? What's to stop me? :D
Pygmalion wrote, "And one of these days -- why not Buenos Aires? What's to stop me?"

So is that a vote for Buenos Aires for the next DF reunion? Count me in.


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:lol: :lol: I'm game. And it would be a great equalizer since almost no one (except you) knows any AT. Everybody would be on equal ground. We'll have to see. But either way, I'm in. :D

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