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Katarzyna said:
I was wondering how you get so many posts...Now I know. :wink: :)

I actually have never heard of Neuhaus before, but a quick google search revealed that it is a Belgian chocolate. I know that Belgian choclates, in general, are good, so now this is on my shopping list to taste and see what the big deal is about this one.


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i've never heard of that something only available in the states?? or maybe i should raid every single store in the area that sell chocolates?!!

I personally prefer dark chocolates, milk chocolate is way too sweet for me....besides, dark choco has anti-oxident property - good for the heart!! O.K., now i'm just looking for justifications for my cravings :oops: ....


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Neuhaus is Belgian.. THey ususally have their own store, so I don't think you can find it chocolate stores...

They have couple locations in NY. :) very addictive... REALLY GOOD..

They have really good dark chocolate as well. one of my favourites is dark chocolate with crushed red tea leaves.. its SOOO good..


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the chocolate themselves are fine (the cheapest one is around $35), but whoa, the shipping is $32 :shock: !!!

I think I"m having a heart attack....

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