Christmas shopping


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I'm intending to get my uber-geeky nephew (I mean that as a compliment) a copy of the Feynman Lectures. I'll likely get my sister an entry to a race of her choice. Knowing her, it'll likely wind up being a half-marathon. My brother will get his usual supermarket giftcard until he starts to actually pay me back the thousands of dollars that he owes me. My am partner will get an appointment to have her hair and makeup done at Nationals. And probably chocolate, since Nationals is a bit of a ways away. My pro will likely also get chocolate or some other form of baked goods since I splurged a bit for her birthday present. (A stuffed ROUS from Thinkgeek.) I still need to figure out what I'm going to get for my dad, my niece and my nephew with autism.


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Sister got a dress+socks+eyeshadow to match boots that grandma is getting her
Dad is getting a fitbit force and opera tix from me/my sister/my mom
Mom is as of right now unknown


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My cat gets a new pack of earplugs and some chopsticks.
My coaches get gift cards.
A few friends get gift cards or sparkly stuff.
Partner gets ... not sure yet.


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Niece and nephew getting Hippity-Hops (remember those?), brother and wife - stemless wine glasses. For Mom, a gift card for her favorite super store, and a little bag of doodads and goodies. Brother and I do gift cards for Mom every year as a sneaky way of helping her with some expenses, and provide her with some extras where she lives. Secret Santa gift purchased and wrapped. I'm done. :)


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My holiday gift shopping is almost done- it seems every year, I am adding on more people to give gifts the holiday parties, Secret Santa etc is getting almost unmanageable and not worth the hassle and the $$


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I've scaled back; buying somebody dinner (or a bottle of decent wine) works for me and is possibly more appreciated than random things they might not need/use.

I bailed on the Santa thing at my church when the kids started asking for $100+ gaming systems, etc.


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Almost all done, but ran out of money to get sibling and BF presents...will have to do a quick shop Christmas Eve once my pay comes in.
good for you for not putting it on credit long as you pay off the credit card before interest starts accruing (which, in the US, is about three weeks after the statement closed guaranteeing 1-2 more paychecks), you're better off using a rewards card (which offers an effective 1-2% discount) than paying in cash (assuming there's not a cash discount, which I've only seen a couple stores offer) and even a run-of-the-mill credit card would enable Lio to save an extra trip to the store. While cards and other lines of credit certainly can enable people to pursue dangerous spending habits which can undermine their long-term financial well-being, that's more spending beyond one's means than it is using a credit card as a vehicle for secure transactions and short-term liquidity.

Granted, I work for a bank which makes a substantial portion of its profits on credit cards, so I will openly admit that I'm biased on this topic.


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I haven't been to Wal-Mart any this month. I literally stockpiled groceries and necessities at the beginning of the month after one of our last classes when the store was nearly empty, and haven't been back. I'm not going back until maybe the middle of January.

Unless Cat #1 shreds my entire Great Wall of Toilet Paper. Then, I'm screwed.

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