"Classic" "Must-have" Dance Music

alemana said:
i have to disagree with the berlin suggestion. i sent medira some mambo stuff via pm.
While I encourage everyone else to present their opinions of the suggestions, I have generally refrained, because I made the initial request and I greatly appreciate everyone's willingness to contribute.

Nonetheless, now that I've run off and played "Take My Breath Away," here's my reaction: It has a strong "slow-quick-quick" beat in the drums that would be easy to follow in rumba. And its tempo is probably a little slow for rumba. I make it to be about 20 MPM. Social dancers (like me) can dance to anything they please, but as a point of reference, the rules for competitive rumba appear to put the minimum tempo at 25 for International Style and 32 for American Style (I wonder why American Style is so much faster).
alemana said:
i have to disagree with the berlin suggestion. i sent medira some mambo stuff via pm.
Well, this is the classic song that they use in studios over here to teach rumba and it is played at every social at least once for the sake of dancing rumba. Don't know about competions though since I never did that. (Ok. It was 10 years ago that I still had lessons in ballroom, but they still play it at socials when I accompaning a friend to one)
Cha Cha
Carino - Jenifer Lopez
Besame - Andres Balinas
America - Fernando la Torre
Ande yo Callente
Boom Boom
Pata Pata
Groove With Me Tonight

Something's Gotta Give - Sammy Davis Jr.
Have You Met Miss Jones - Robbie Williams
Fever - Michael Buble
Take My Love
Anything Sinatra (almost)

Jack is Back
Big Time Operator

Dancin Fool
Too Hot to Hold
Mr. Pinstripe Suit

No Me Ames - Jenifer Lopez
Te Quiero
Jurame (Balada Version) - Gisselle
Algo Tiens
Time After Time (American Rumba) - Cindy Lauper

El Baile De Osito

Swing (EC)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Michael Buble (and others)
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me - Billy Joel
A Letter to You (not sure if that's the name)

Por un Cabeza
Tango Damour

Annie's Song - Pierre Belmonde
Once Upon a December - Anastasia Soundtrack

Nocturne - Secret Garden
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
Greenwaves - Secret Garden
Serenade to Spring - Secret Garden
some non-classic tunes....

"Don't Cha" by the *****cat Dolls is an AWESOME West Coast Swing (and great for Cha Cha as well. I am a big fan of their remake of "Sway" as well. but then.... I think Britney's "Hit me one more time" is one of the best WCS of all time.)

I personally like "Gold Digger" by Kanye West for salsa. That tune is PHAT. (of course, I like "Sing it Back" by Moloko as salsa.)


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I like most of the suggestions so far and its pretty good at covering the "classics" -- I'ld want to add
Tango D'amour
Golden Tango

Moving On

the suggestion for Kiss From A Rose should be moved from Waltz to V.Waltz
Im gonna reffer only to TANGO (AT):

*Por una cabeza (the version with lyrics).
*La Cumparsita.
*La última copa/Muñeca brava.
*A media luz/El choclo.
*Milonga de mis amores/La puñalada (great milonga).
*El dia que me quieras/La última curda.


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