Classic vs. Showcase


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In C&W Waltz . . . there isn't!
There isn't what? A split between pure and showy dance? For each type of dance, ballroomers end up crowning international and american champions. So it just doesn't seem weird to me that C&W would also crown classic and showcase champions. I just love seeing the dancers that really know what they are doing out there.
I appreciate the different divisions, I like the depth and intrest that it adds to country. I just wish that "showcase" didn't also stand for "can make a million mistakes and look like crap as long as the tricks are big". Oops, did I just say that? =) I really do have love for the good showcase dancers out there.
FWIW, ballroom competition also has a "showdance" division, which is similar to what you're describing in C&W (more theatrical, allowing lifts, etc.). Any style of dance (Amer., Int.) and any of the individual dances within them can be done as a showdance. In fact, some showdance routines combine several different dances.

If you happen to be watching "America's Ballroom Challenge," there each finalist couple in all the styles is also doing a showdance number as well.


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I think at my age the appeal of Showcase is really high.

It would be nice maybe next year or the year after to do Showcase. Maybe.

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