CLEARANCE Ballroom Dresses - It all must go!


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Designs by Randall, Designs by Lyn, Erica Ridgeway... and many other lovely gowns that are all PRICED TO SELL.

I hate to GIVE these gowns away, but I need to sell them. Please do not let the low prices be an indication of perceived quality. It's a rough economy, and I just need to clear these out.

Here is a link to where they are posted for sale:

More will be added in a few days, so please feel free revisit.

Thank you!


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Sorry, ash_sk8s, I just grabbed the blue one. I'm so excited! Now that I have the dress, all that's left for me to do is to convince DH to compete. But hey, first things first.


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How long would you say the red Latin is? I see the suggested height, but would you say the skirt is meant to hit at the knee, below the knee, at its longest point?

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