Clogging is the word lol

:idea: If you haven't tried clogging, you should!

It is loads of fun. I have been clogging since age 9 and now teach off and on.

If there are any fellow cloggers out here, let me hear from ya lol! :lol:

Welcome to the Dance Forums, Mistdancer!

We actually had a clogger join the forums last week. His user name is MScripClog and he participated in the Dance Fever: Week 1 Discussion. I would love to get more cloggers to join in! While you're here maybe you can tell us a little bit more about clogging. Is it mostly dance in the Southeast? What are some of the well known clogger groups?
Hey everybody,

I'll try to answer those questions. I looked in the clogging directory, and there are clogging groups from 43 states. There are clogging competitions in a about a dozen different states. So, it's not just in the Southeast.

While clogging seems to be "everywhere", it's still not as mainstream as other forms of dance. While ballet, tap and jazz are taught in big dance studios, clogging is mostly taught anywhere else. There are a few clogging studios out there, but most cloggers dance wherever they can.

As for "well known" clogging groups, that list is slim too. The first that come to mind, are the groups that have been on TV. All That! and the Belles on Dance Fever, Shockwave on Star Search, and All That! on 30 Seconds to Fame.

But other clogging groups have performed in some other high-profile locations, but still, no one in the regular world knows about it.

The Leather and Lace cloggers performed in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics. And there were some other clogging groups in the 2002 Opening Ceremonies.

I attended Mars Hill College on a clogging scholarship. I danced on the clogging team at the college, the Bailey Mountain Cloggers. During my time at Mars Hill, I got the opportunity to clog all over the world. We've done shows in Ireland and Austria, and all over the Eastern US. We danced at the Kennedy Center, the Grand Ole Opry, and the list goes on and on. We've danced all over the place, but no one has every heard of us.

So, I think that all this TV coverage is great for clogging. There will always be hundreds of clogging teams who compete every weekend because it's fun. And I think that more people are gonna discover what clogging is really about.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Michael Scrip
To Elaborate

8) Hiyas there!

To elaborate a little bit more too about the style of clogging, it is a form of tap dance that has evolved from a melting pot of influences such as Celtic, African, Native American, and English Colonial dances.

It is traditionally performed to bluegrass or country music. However, as you all have seen dance fever and "all that" you can see that clogging has evolved to include top 40, jazz, and even rap.

Hope this helps and thanks all for the welcome and good to hear from ya! :D

I wouldn't exactly say that clogging is a form of tap dance. Clogging is a type of percussive dance, which includes Irish dance, clogging, tap, etc. Clogging and tap are 2 independent dances forms. They share some common elements and footwork, but they are not versions of each other.

I'm pretty sure that people were clogging in the mountains long before tap made its way to the streets of the cities.

I'm just trying to keep the idea of tap and clogging separate. They both came from the same influences, but clogging is not a form of tap dance. For those who don't know about clogging, it's easy to think it is the same as tap. Ask a tapper, they will tell you it's not.

I'm not insulting your clogging knowledge, but I must correct you when you say clogging is a form of tap.

Michael Scrip
Hi Everyone,
My name is Chip Harrison and I am a clogger from North Carolina. All the post are right, clogging is an awesome dance form and I am glad to see it getting some attention. To elaborate on what Michael said clogging is danced on the down beat, and tap is on the up beat. Cloggers also have a tendancy to have a more controlled upper body and incorporate many other forms of dance into their clogging routines such as jazz, stunts and lifts, and many others. I have known All That and the Southern Belles for years. I have competed with them and against them. Being a clogger is like being a part of a big family. I am glad to see that clogging is getting the attention it deserves, and I hope more people will start taking lessons. If I can help anyone with information please let me know.

Chip Harrison
TNC Elite Cloggers
I also forgot to mention that there are many team in the west now. While yes clogging started out as a southern appaliachan dance form there are some very good teams from California, Arizonia, Nebraska, and Utah. If anyone would like some contact information let me know.



Hi TNCElite,

I just wanted to say "hi" and welcome you to the forums! I believe we have 3 cloggers as members of the Dance Forums now. Keep it up and I'll have to start a clogging section. :D


From the Dance Fever 4 thread: By TNCElite:

Well the most obvious difference between clogging and tap is that tap is danced on the upbeat, and clogging on the down.
Thanks for some easy to spot differences, TNC!

Why is Clogging danced on the downbeat?

Well I am not sure why clogging is on the dance beat but a number of us believe it is because the people who originated clogging found it to be more rhythmic. When you dance on the downbeat it goes with the base of the music. Clogging Competitions often have an a-cappella catagory where the teams and dancers dance without music and are judged on how rhythmic there steps are, how difficult the steps are, and how clean the sound. Another difference people might notice is that tap dancers use a solid tap, and cloggers use taps with two or three pieces to them that produce a jingle sound. I am sure this is more than you wanted to know, but I hope it helps. By the way there is a forum like this just for cloggers if anyone wants to check it out at



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TNCElite said:
By the way there is a forum like this just for cloggers if anyone wants to check it out at
Chip...feel free to post this information in the Websites forum as well! That way it will be easy to find in the future and for new forum members who may be interested.


Just wanted say Hi and hope everyone is doing well! I am looking forward to August 24 to see how the cloggers do in the finals of Dance Fever!

Take care.
Love and God Bless!

hey evry1!

:D Hey everybody! I am a clogger from New Jersey, and I am currently attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I was very upset to have to leave my 4-H clogging club, and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find a good group to join in the Knoxville area. Thanks!
Hi Jersey,
There are a number of teams in the Knoxville area that you might want to check out. Lynn Ogle has a team down there, all of her contact information is on There is also another team called Silver Dance Express. There information is on under the team directory listings. I hope this helps. If not let me know. I also think Thunder Espress Cloggers practice in Strawberry Plains which is really close, and Dance Explosion is in Bristol Tn which is about an hour away. If you look on, or, under directors that should really help out. By the way my wife is a Vol. alumni.

Thanks Everybody!

:D I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help. Clogging is one of my favorite things to do, and hopefully I can continue in college.
Me too

Hi Mistdancer,

I'm a clogger too. I was a professional ballet dancer in my 20s. Then when I was 32 I got into clogging. I got pretty good at it and entered tournaments. I did it for several years at folk dances and Contra dances. Then I forgot it for years. Then I had a chance to do it again (at 47 years old) in stage production by the Philadelphia Revels a few years ago.

What fun it is! Even now that is the one kind of music I can't keep my feet still too.

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