Clothes for salsa dancing

I generally wear black pants and a nice top with a slight embelishment and nice color. I love reds. I also get salsa gear with with Lycra and cotton because of all the movement. Also, a nice dance shoe with a cuban style heel. That reminds me, I need new shoes. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I would have never considered buying clothes at Santee Alley for dancing but I guess it is disposable. Hmm next time I'm in the garment district I'll have to take a look with a fresh eye
I just LOVE dresses for salsa. You can get away with really over the top (eg. LOUD floral! :shock: ) dresses at salsa clubs.

These days some of the clubs I go to are getting less formal, so a nice little top from teeny bopper shops with nicely cut hipster (make sure you wear hipster undies too!) jeans are casul & sexy.

I also LOVE low-ride (hipster) pants with one of those long-fringe lacy triangular shawl thingies (matching colour of your pants!) tied around the waist. The fringes fly with your movements, and it acts as security measures when your low-ride pants ride lower (as they often stretch!)!

if any of you are interested in this thread, plz also check out "What kind of funny/crazy clothings have you worn to go dancing?" under 'Funstuff & Inspiration' :wink:


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I like dresses that move -- preferably red, which looks good on me, and is very eye-catching on the floor. And, while I like spaghetti straps, the top has to be secure enough that I don't have to worry about any body parts flopping about or the top falling/slipping off. Meaning, no strapless anything! :shock:


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Sorry, Vince. What can I say? I still remember boriken's memorable dance floor story. I don't want to make some poor guy ghug me all the way to the ladies room. :lol: :lol:
Dresses. Red. Black. Purple. Floral. The crazier, the better. I just make sure they don't show too much when I spin, so a salesperson at my favorite stores always gat a little show (jumps, stretches, splits, spins) - gotta make sure it works! :p


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Vince A said:
pygmalion said:
I like dresses that move -- preferably red, which looks good on me
Yep, you make red look good!
I totally agree!! I believe that I saw some pictures that you posted of yourself and I saw the red dress.

[I'm in a really good talkative mood tonight!! :) ]

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