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Yeah. Different communities tend to cater to different types of dance styles. This one is very anti-grinding, as a rule. (With which I respectfully disagree, btw. But that's how this community is. *shrug*) So, if you want free, non-judgmental discussion of grinding, DF is most likely not the right place. You may get an answer or two, but most likely it'll be mixed in with stuff you don't want to hear. *shrug again*

The down side (in my view) of the forum macha found is that people use IM-speak. I don't care for instant message-like abbreviations, even in IMs. :lol: I find IM-speak to be very annoying on boards like these, which are certainly not instant. But to each his own. 8)


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Aw man!! You deleted cocodrilo's and my witty replies, Sagitta. :wink: :lol:

Seriously, aight2sexy. What I said (in paraphrase) was first welcome. I also said that I don't understand the idea of wanting to turn guys on in a club, rather than in the privacy of your own home. I really don't get that, although I've been doing dirty dancing of one sort or another for ... yikes! a long time. If that's what you like, though, by all means go for it.

This is what I didn't say before. One, you have no idea how many girls (and guys) come here sounding pressured into unwanted sexual situations because of the grinding (dare I say it?) fad. It's difficult for people to tell where the lines are, even under the best of circumstances.

So this topic is really a touchy one for me, politically feminist, religiously traditional, and pro-grinding that I am. (Can you say mixed up chick?) Not sure what to say, except that deliberately turning guys on in clubs is not my scene. No judgment intended or implied. That path is just not for me.

Also, don't be surprised if you get some negative replies... or even quite a few. This forum is firmly in the grinding-isn't-dancing, let's eradicate it from the planet, frame of mind, IMO.

Somebody here found a freestyle forum a few days back. I'll see if I can find it and post the link for you. Chances are you'll get a better reception there, overall.

I personally welcome you. But there are some people here who won't want to go down your proposed conversational path. Just a thought. 8) *shrug*


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What's a hunis? Didn't understand a lot of that...

And, if all you're worried about is turning a guy on, just dance naked. It's easier, and saves your back and knees the wear and tear of actual motion.

The forum mentioned earlier is:

You might need a translator to muddle through some of their posts. Not the best-written lot, but they understand your kind of.. "dancing".. better there. More variety.


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macha said:
What's a hunis?

And, if all you're worried about is turning a guy on, just dance naked. It's easier, and saves your back and knees the wear and tear of actual motion.
Honeys or honey. A colloquial alternative to dears, people, etc etc


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macha said:
Shouldn't it be hunni? Hunny? :? Hunis reminds me of pencil instead of pennies.
You said pencil and pennies ... I better not go there!! My friend was talking to me about her emotions and her period and she mentioned egg. I thought one thing ands he was think another. :oops: Then she said she was hungry and wanted to eat one!! Oh man!! :lol: ROTFL! Such sick imagery!! But, then...sometimes minds wander...
Hi, I'm new here.

And about the grindin', I read some other threads about Grindin' and stuff but I'd like to know a bit more. Like specifics on when she has here back to your front.

I usually place my hands right around the hip, is that ok? And when I practice in the mirror it looks very awkward. I move my knees, not my hips and I don't lift my feet up off the ground. The not lifting the feet off the ground part is what makes it look awkward. Can someone help please?

Thanks! You guys seem very cool here, I've been reading around the forums for a while. :wink:
I can't believe the ignorance about freaking/grinding around here. I'm new, and I just scanned all the threads, and it's stunning.

Now, no worries to everyone who doesn't do it - I'm not speaking to you as you have no reason to try and figure it out. But to everyone who wants to do it and is either (a) under 18 or (b) goes clubbing, omgwtfbbq! _everyone_ in _any_ major urban center who goes to school parties or any sort of urban dance club will see people freaking/grinding. How can these people seriously ask questions like "where do I put my hands" or "how do I move my hips"? I'm quite adept at club dancing and, trust me, it pales in complexity when compared to most ballroom dances, and I taught myself most of the standard dances (bronze level) just by watching other people. If you spent half, or even a quarter, as much time watching and analyzing people club dance (hell, if you can't figure out the basics in the three hours most school dances or nights at american dance clubs last, you need dance help in general), you'd be fine!

So...what am I missing? Oh, and to add a question that's probably been answered elsewhere (and allow myself to get horribly flamed by macha), is freaking exclusively a west coast term for grinding?


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I think the majority of the people who come here are pretty new at the dance, Breathe. And, until you've gotten past your shell and just danced it, it looks wild and exotic. I don't think most people really how easily and naturally it flows. It probably looks intimidating, from the outside. A lot of the folks we get are teens headed off to a first dance or prom, who know by word-of-mouth that there'll be grinding, but don't know what to expect. Or guys/gals who consider themselves "non-dancers" that haven't loosened up yet. Eh. 8)

As for the flaming. Well ... it bothers me too, but I'm tired of going over the same arguments with the same people. Folks have their belief systems (aka prejudices IMO :wink: ) and one thing I've learned, in my many years, is that, when you're dealing with prejudices, don't waste your breath. *shrug*

Oh, and as for the freaking thing, the first time I heard the expression applied to dancing was in 1978 (I think :? ) when Le Freak (a disco song) came out. Around that time, there was also a dance, the freak, which is similar to the grinding/freaking you see today in clubs. A little more toned down, most of the time, but similar.

Not sure where the popular dance got its start, though. All I know is it's been around a long while. 8) :)


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Oh, and btw, if you do a google search on dance-forums, this club dancing index is the number two hit, right after the main DF index. Or, if you search for "grinding dance" it's number five. So I suspect DF will keep getting grinding questions, at least for a while. :lol: :lol:


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When one isn't used to moving one's body in certain ways then it is natural to ask questions such as where hands go etc. People don't want to do it incorrectly on the danec floor and sometimes don't understand why and when what happens.

Speaking of this type of dancing. Last night I went to a dance where it was about 70% reaggeton and merengue. I got so desperate I even did a little reggaeton with a lady friend. Personally, however the music is boring compared to salsa and I quickly stopped. ACtually I got desperate as even the salsas were pretty bad and fast.
G******* is too easy.

If you want to turn a guy on in a club dancing (and if we're talking clubs where people g****, the fellows dancing with the females are not usually there because they want to get up, stand up, strut their funky stuff, sho' nuff) then learn to do it with the way you look at him. Learn to do it with the way you breathe on his neck when you lean in to whisper something. Learn to do it with the way you caress the inside of his arm with one finger.

Any female can get a heterosexual male (who finds her less than repulsive) turned on by stimulating his genitals. Stimulate his mind and his imagination, turn him on using your feminine power, and he'll find you far more interesting than if you were just another nice piece of meat he can bump with.


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I wasn't going to get into that, Ms_Sunlight, although I have to say I agree. Sensuality is a whole lot more complex, IMO, than rubbing, bumping and grinding. At least in my experience. :roll: (Dying to add a movie quote, here, but I'd better not. It'll get misinterpreted. :lol: :lol: )


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Flaming is making nasty or personal remarks about a fellow-poster. If you have problems or disagreements with what's said, just say you disagree. If you want to, you can explain why.

A regular disagreement goes over the line into flaming when, for example, a poster gets called [expletive deleted] anything. No need to go there.

Yeah, I know flaming happens on a lot of boards out there. But the staff at DF tries very, very hard not to let it happen here. Or at least nip it in the bud before it goes too far downhill. (which it can do very, very quickly :( )

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