Coming March 15: Swing Dancer Magazine

Swing Dancer Magazine is the voice and pulse of the swing dance community covering all swing styles from Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing to Shag, Balboa, Blues, Tap, and Jazz. Every issue of the online magazine contains an in-depth and engaging approach to the dance and its culture through wide-ranging feature stories, columns, reviews, and interviews. In addition, Swing Dancer Magazine offers fresh viewpoints on the historical background and emerging trends within the swing dance community.

We'll be launching on March 15 at and each issue is free with no registration requirements.

Interested in writing for Swing Dancer Magazine or submitting photography?
Contact our editorial department at

If you're interested in learning more about Swing Dancer Magazine, e-mail us at:
Just over a month to go!

The first issue is almost complete (just in the final editing stages and waiting on the last of the articles)...we already are talking to some people about future issues and there's a lot of good energy and excitement going around. People can't wait for our first issue to come out!

Swing dancers with expertise in areas that affect dancers are encouraged to send in articles to!
swingdancer said:
To start, yes, it is an ezine free to all readers. As our reputation grows, we will look into expanding into print and video as well.
ooh video! This sounds cool, how would it work! :)
Chandra, Right now video is just a loose idea we have floating. Until the official launch and success of the online magazine we won't be putting much research into other projects. Once we're established, we'll start exploring those other ideas in depth.

Dancers Dream Land: thanks for offering to link. Your site looks like a great resourse. I had a chance to scroll around in it for a few minutes, you sure do cover everything!
Just over a week to go and the first "Beta" issue of Swing Dancer Magazine will be available online at

We'll always be taking submissions, so if you're interested in writing or have photographs you'd like to share, send them our way.
Thank so much! I was doing a google search the other day to see where the magazine came up and you were one of the top links.

You have a great website btw, fantastic resource. I had fun scrolling through the different links and seeing how much you've pulled together.

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