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I'm in the process of getting rhinestones for a very good price. I will update when I have confirmation. Right now I'm looking at prices that would knock your socks off.

What I want to know is what sizes are the most popular? I can get anything from 5ss up to 35mm.


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WHERE :?: :?:

I need to replace some stones on my gown but the prices I've been seeing lately have been too high...

ss20's and ss 16's are quite popular:)
Will do. If I get my resale cert approved, I can get wholesale cost on stones. let's just say the 20ss Swarovski ABs are probably double the wholesale. :) I can cut a deal for my DF buddies. 8)

Vince A

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We are very, very interested as well.

My wife just had some new dresses made, and the company did not have any cobalt blue Swarovski AB crystals, so she (seamstress) went with Korean "blue" stones, which are OK, but not Swarovski's!

By the way, the quality of work that this woman in Hong Kong does is amazing! I saw three outfits this past weekend, and Carolyn's should arrive this weekend.

We need a variety of stones, as we are "doing" all of her Swing competition outfits, as well!

Let me know???

Alrighty then! I should know by Friday night whether my resale cert is approved. If it is, then I will begin taking orders for stones on Monday. Is that soon enough for everyone?
As for sizes (which I think was the original question? :wink: ) I like 20ss the best.

(And yes, I'd be interested if you're offering great deals! :D )
I will have the following types available:

Swarovksi (regular AND hot fix)
Czech Preciosa (Machine Cut)
Czech Extra Brilliant

as well as Bejewelers & tips.

An example of DF only pricing would be:

20ss Swarovski Crystal AB - any multiple of 1 gross: $9.88/gross + shipping and handling. (And sales tax if you live in Florida) ;)

Prices vary by size/color/finish.

Let me reiterate that this is all predicated on getting my resale # approved by the state of Florida. Everyone cross your fingers!


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That's a pretty good price!

Add me to the list of people with their fingers crossed for you to get your paperwork. :)
DancingMommy said:
Ohyoubetchafersureboyhowdy. :)
Have you checked out wholesale markets that deal in accessories in southeast Asia? All the Japanese stars have their gowns & stage items made there for example because it is so cheap. Fabric, too...
Oh yes I have checked SE Asia. It's hard getting through though to some of my sources in Indonesia. And shipping costs make me dizzy.

But on the brighter side, I GOT MY RESALE NUMBER!

Any takers?

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