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Partner and I returned from our first-ever comp this past weekend. It was the Illini DanceSport Invitational at Champaign-Urbana, IL.

The categories were odd: Beginner and Advanced only, with Advanced meaning more than a year's experience or something like that. We danced a heat, and were judged on whether we were more advanced or less advanced, which separated us into an A (for advanced) category, and a B (beginner) category. So you had four total categories: Beginning beginner, advanced beginner, beginning advanced, and advanced advanced. That's how we figured it anyways.

We entered WTFQ, and made it to the finals in tango and foxtrot (placing 5th in each) and to the semi-finals in quickstep. We didn't make the waltz semi's, which totally threw me for a loop. They were two of the cleanest waltzes we've ever danced, and felt awesome. The only reason I can think of is maybe because we threw in a throwaway in each heat of waltz we danced, and maybe since it was a collegiate-level comp they weren't allowed? I don't know... The website and flyer never mentioned any disallowed moves, and we were in the "advanced" category. Partner said she noticed one of the judges give us a rather disapproving stare when we did one, which she said later didn't really make sense at the time. Maybe that was it...

We didn't final in quickstep since we were both really tired after all the heats we did, and I flubbed the footwork during the semi, but we at least made finals in two, and semi'd in the other one. Out of probably 50 or more total couples (not sure of the exact count), I'm tickled we did so well for our first comp!

We went along with two of our dance-friends from the studio, and they danced beginning waltz and cha-cha. They placed 4th in waltz and 5th in cha-cha (both in the "A" category) and really looked great. One of them had an aunt come to watch, and she played videographer for us. The vid turned out great.

Definitely a great first comp.
Over the weekend

Over the weekend I want to share what happened - My daughter has a new pro partner and we are very happy. She won both open gold latin heats. I came in second in silver in both of mine. We meet alot of our friends and had a good time. That's all ! :rocker:


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I competed in Int. Standard intermediate and full bronze over the weekend for the first time. Had previously done Am. Smooth. Got 9 firsts and one second in a field of 6 so feeling encouraged right now and ready to keep learning! Can even understand when you guys discuss technique (somewhat).:)


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Dubious honor of dancing my absolute worst comp dancing ever today. Did our 5 new open routines for the first time and can only summarize by saying "train wreck". I screwed up, he screwed up, we didn't get to our starting spot for paso and they began the music...totally threw it off and I was completely unprepared for choreography change to get back in place (which we did for the first crash...amen). Saving grace was rumba, which I took 1st, but not sure how I even pulled that off when I didn't hear one bar of the music! *oy* Hopefully it only goes up from here! Gave my pro the dvd; don't even want to see it.
MQ Sorry to hear.You looked pretty unhappy when I spoke with you after you danced. Fortunately I didn't feel that way this time. I did last year in New York and it sucks. You two will figure it out I'm sure.


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Our results not great recently, at Grand cup we were so stupid, failed to check schedule the day before, in fact, they had wrong schedule on net for the whole week displaying our heat 7:15ish but changed last min to 6:30, we were running late, arrived at comp venue several minutes before our heat start, barely had time to change and had no time to catch breath:( it was only semi-final and we failed to make the final since we danced so badly due to lack of warmup and nervousness. oh well, never arrive late again and no warmup big no no.

at DCDI we arrived early, and prepared early so dancing much better, placing 3rd overall among a Qtr final. Funny thing is we arrived so early and champ std wasn't starting until 10ish, I warmed up and then waiting, almost fell asleep. lol. That's not good either, when I warmed up, I want to dance, not waiting, but still better than last minute arrival and no warm up and preparation at all.


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sorry to hear about the unpleasant experience at the Grand Cup, standarddancer! but congrats at DCDI! that is most excellent!
yes - congrats SDD - 3rd with a quarter is dynamite.

We've had very mixed results of late (I must admit the thought of quitting did cross my mind after the last one (see above)) but tonight was definitely a step in the right direction. 6 couple final and we placed 2nd. Unfortunately, DP went out of the dance hall for a minute - just as they called us for the awards so I ended recieving it and standing in the lineup by myself.

that feels a bit better :)


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very nice, eddie. especially after all the hard work you've been putting in this still managed to pull enuf energy together to deliver!


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Brown comp w/CNP today - Silver Standard and Smooth. We made finals in all events, one of which finally caused me to point into Gold Smooth (for Foxtrot anyway). :cool: Happy for me, but unfortunately CNP has never danced Smooth until a few weeks ago, so tossing him into Gold is just cruel :(. So we're going to skip Smooth at comps for a while until he gets more comfortable and experienced with it and we can present some Gold-worthy material.

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