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very nice, eddie. especially after all the hard work you've been putting in this still managed to pull enuf energy together to deliver!
The more I work the more energy I seem to have for dancing - I suppose thats no surprise, at least up to a point. Fatigue simply wasn't a factor this time. Thats not so say we didn't have a few screw ups - but I guess this time we were lucky the judges weren't looking our way. And besides, I think everyone seems to feel that after a heat.

One good thing was the enormous floor - reall helps the tall couples to be able to move.
well, in the tano DP didn't always adapt to the richness of space and at one point we were going against the flow of traffic as it were. Whats a good follower to do? Well close your eyes and follow - and pray...
yes - congrats SDD - 3rd with a quarter is dynamite.

We've had very mixed results of late (I must admit the thought of quitting did cross my mind after the last one (see above)) but tonight was definitely a step in the right direction. 6 couple final and we placed 2nd. Unfortunately, DP went out of the dance hall for a minute - just as they called us for the awards so I ended recieving it and standing in the lineup by myself.

that feels a bit better :)
Congrats! You got to hog all the glory then, didn't you :D


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Brown comp w/CNP today - Silver Standard and Smooth. We made finals in all events, one of which finally caused me to point into Gold Smooth (for Foxtrot anyway). :cool: Happy for me, but unfortunately CNP has never danced Smooth until a few weeks ago, so tossing him into Gold is just cruel :(. So we're going to skip Smooth at comps for a while until he gets more comfortable and experienced with it and we can present some Gold-worthy material.
Just saw this...nice job! When is your next comp???


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Just saw this...nice job! When is your next comp???
Yale this Saturday. Gonna dance Silver and Gold Standard, plus Silver Smooth minus Foxtrot, which is the only dance I've technically pointed out of. We need to clean up our dancing a bit, plus I need to recognize and follow his "oh crap!" steps better, and we'll be fine :cool:
First day of competing at OSB is over - pro/am in open gold and gold star singles. Well, its not a good idea to learn 5 routines in a month and try them out at OSB :oops: The open gold was not good - I screwed up in tango and QS - the only dance that felt good was VW. I almost quit at that point but coach encouraged me to stay in for the gold star. I'm glad I did because even though I did not get any call backs - the dancing felt way better. The difference (internally) was that I stopped trying to remember the routines and instead focused on following. Still wasn't perfect, even in the steps but at least I did not feel totally out of place out there. I hope I didn't look it...

By the way, in case you haven't figured this out the pro/am standard is way way high. There are couples in pre-bronze that could easily be in silver or even gold (technically) at a medium sized comp. Its also really neat to see the stars - for me not really the famous now retired (competition) pros but the top pro/AMs, the ones that always apear in TIbors pictures :).
I took my 4 totally New Open Gold Standard Routines (W,T, Q & FT), along with my VW, on the floor with my new Pro and made the finals of the Men's Open Standard Championship C Division so I am pleased.


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Congrats to all!

I didn't place at all, but danced far better than I did a month ago (thankfully I got that nasty experience out of my system). I had a really good time...and was quite impressed with the level of pro/am dancing. Not sure how I'll ever catch up...but it certainly was nice to watch!

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So I had a great week too. Cantski got second in the Open A Smooth. He also got second in the Mens Gold & Open A Standard, he won the Mens Silver A standard, and Dexter won the Mens Bronze C standard. As well as both winning almost ever single dance in standard and smooth. Paul won a bunch of his single smooth dances, beating out a guy that he never has before.

I got a top teacher award, which is nice since with only 3 guys and not doing every style, I know I securely won on points and not just sheer volume of entries.

Dancing in the Superbowl was fun. I took a bunch of video throughout the event I will post later.


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Speaking of brand new computer just ate my dvd from the event. I can eject, but the dvd is stuck in there. I thought briefly about trying to get it out, but I think I'll wait for the Dell man to help me. *oy*

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