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Having never competed, but having thought about it, i was wondering what sort of feedback were you given during/after a comp ? I am interested in the judges type feedback........ what feedback were you given, what feedback did you wish for - i mean more feedback / less feedback, categorized feedback, published feedback ? What would tickle your fancy ?
Does anyone care to share their results from a comp - just as you received it ? Of course, you can do this anonymously.
Does feedback between the comps differ ? The comp that generally gives you more feedback - do you think it is a better comp ?

Awaiting replies......
Technically, I don't believe you are supposed to ask judges about your results while you're still at the competition. I guess they don't want to be bombarded with people disputing results.

At the competition, following your event, there are usualy computer print-outs of the results that show how the judges marked your dances. I suppose you could use this to see if one dance was weaker/stronger, or if one judge didn't like you. It's hard to use this as solid feedback because the marks are relative to the people that you dance against, and how each of you danced that day.

What a lot of people do is contact judges after a competition for a coaching session, to see what specifically the judge noticed. This also has some downfalls, because some people like to correlate the results a judge gives you with the amount of couching sessions you've taken from them.

I believe the best way to get feedback is to buy a video of your event. That way, you can see for yourself. You can go over it with YOUR coach, and try to improve as a dancing unit, rather than trying to overtake only one couple or trying to please one judge.

Also, videos are good for laughs as they start getting older :D

Vince A

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In the venues that I attend, we also get computer printouts . . . where you placed, what notes an individual judge wrote about you - usually the "dings" against you. But if only one judge does that, that score will not count, as other judges will also have to see and score or note that competitor. This prevents judging favoritisms or judges scoring an ex-student unfavorably, or . . . you get the idea. However, I could go off on "judging favoritisms" - but won't! Judges really DON'T DO THAT!

Lastly, we are encouraged to approach our judges directly after that particular competition has ended, and ask them "How did I do?" Judges like that . . . they remember you . . . they remember your name. Most will tell you what you want to hear - the truth! None of them will pat you on the back if you do not deserve it.

Do you really think that they'll remember what you did a few weeks after a competition? I think not . . . what you'll get is a very generic statement that would fit every dancer in the world . . . "Oh, your footwork technical could use some improving." Or you stepped, 1-2-3 on that chasse, where you should have stepped 1-2-&-3." Etc . . . .
cl5814 said:
ok, lets focus on the computer print out .... what results do you see ? What would you like to see ?
The typical dancesport comp (NDCA or USABDA) will have computer output that only shows the judges that judged your round, and what placement they gave you in each dance. I supposed they could have made notes on their original judging sheets, but the only thing that I've seen posted for everyone are the general marks.

If you want to see an example of what they look like, you can download this PDF from the USABDA National Championships, this last August:

As I said earlier, you can look for coorelations across dances or across judges. That's really about it. Maybe it would be nice to see judges notes on these...
Vince A said:
However, I could go off on "judging favoritisms" - but won't! Judges really DON'T DO THAT!
I agree for the most part Vince...MOST judges do not, as they are incredibly (and understandably) concernced with preserving their professional credibility. Who wants to hire a crooked judge for their comp? :roll:

In fact, at the comp my team hosts, three of the judges are also three of our coaches. If anything, they judge Purdue team members HARDER than the rest of the competitors because they have seen how we have progressed throughout the semester and know what flaws to look for in our dancing.

However, I won't say that there AREN'T a few crooked judges out there that show favoritism towards their students...I just like to think (and hope) that there aren't THAT many... :?


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If feedback is of importance to you, keep in mind that most NDCA comps start out with solo events where you and your partner/teacher dance your own routine to your own music. Solos are judged by a three judge panel and, in addition to a numerical score (out of 100) you do receive the judges comments in writing.
I totally agree with Porfirio ...

My wife and I use the score sheets to compare us to couples that we often encounter. We monitor our progress against them, from comp to comp. This is of the most value to us ... keeping us motivated, as we see how we're doing.

The videos are really important ... I don't even like looking at them! We give them to our coaches, and let them go over them. The fact is, that there is usually nothing new that the videos reveal. Our coaches already know the areas inwhich we need to improve.

As for asking judges (after the comp, of course) ... that can be of some help. It gives a toally different view. We're fortunate, because we train in a ballroom where many well-known judges coach. We don't run around taking lessons from each, we just have a passing freindship within the studio ... they're always willing to give us some brief comments. Again, these critiques almost always agree with our coaches perspective.

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