competition survival kit gift?

i'm making a little comp survival kit gift for a friend who's heading out of town for a competition this weekend. i'd love some cute ideas of what to put inside.

i'll already be providing some homemade treats. other than that... would the active competitors amongst us please think about what little trinkets would be a) useful and/or b) funny?


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Some sort of good luck trinket would be cute....maybe a little teddy bear or something?

As for actual, functional things...

- Safety pins
- Duct tape
- Eyelashes and eyelash glue
- Bobby pins
- Hairspray/gel
- Sewing kit
- Bottles of water to drink between rounds
- A compact mirror
- a nail file (just in case)
- spare fishnets/tights (if you know her size)
- bandaids
- athletic tape

...erm...I'm not sure what else you could give that wouldn't be costume-specific...
great ideas.... she will have most of it already, but who can ever have too many bobby pins?

i would like some little jokey thing as well... but i'm blanking.... like you know how you can buy "in case of emergency, break glass" gag gifts that have something stupid inside, like a cigarette? i wonder what the equivalent for a dancer would be.


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Maybe for the blow up partner, you can just get a balloon and put it in a baggie marked "emergency partner". ;)

Oh, and maybe put some monopoly money in an envelope marked "judge's bribe". ;)
maybe i will just get condoms. i will put some in a bag marked "bribes." more in a bag called "after-party." and more in a bag called "tension tamer."
i REALLY want to make this but it is REALLY unlikely, since i have a comp myself this weekend. but it's too funny not to follow through on.


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alemana said:

or a sock puppet in a rhinestone-covered, deep v-neck latin shirt.

bright orange, of course.
Nah, it needs to be about the color of QT. And it needs a ponytail.


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Joe said:
Don't forget to include a shot of vodka. ;)
Good one! You beat me to it, actually. I was going to suggest a flask and have it engraved with something quirky like "performance enhancer" or whatever . You could decorate it with rhinestones. You'll have to provide it full, of course. I believe you can buy them at the mall at Things Remembered.

I'm planning to buy a flask and decorate it with stones. Cute!


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alemana said:
maybe i will just get condoms. i will put some in a bag marked "bribes." more in a bag called "after-party." and more in a bag called "tension tamer."
:lol: Good idea, about condoms. I also liked the monopoly money judge bribe idea. ;)

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i picked up some monopoly money (thanks for that idea) and a bag of cheap "winner" medals on cloth loops (like you'd get at the olympics) last night. the money is for 'bribes.' then i will have two boxes, "open this one if you win" and "open this one if you... don't." the medals will go in the "don't." not sure yet what i'll put in 'if you do.' maybe something sweet.

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