Competitors need a tan?

A sunbed, tanning bed or sun tanning bed is a device that discharges ultraviolet radiation (commonly 95 % UVA as well as 5 % UVB, +/ -3 %) to create an aesthetic tan. Normal tanning beds use numerous fluorescent lights that have actually phosphor blends developed to emit UV in a range that is rather just like the sun. Smaller, home tanning beds normally have 12 to 28 100 watt lamps while systems discovered in tanning hair salons can include 24 to 60 lamps, each of ONE HUNDRED to 200 watts.


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Is there a trick to getting your underarms to stay tanned? Mine just...don't. Like, ever.
What kind of product(s) do you use? I find products that wash off (e.g., Pro-Tan, Sex Symbol) will... sweat off while competing. Gradual tanners (L'Oreal, Flash Tan, etc.) tend to have more staying power.


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And for the build-a-tan products, don't have on deoderant or antipersperant when you apply them, and make sure it is done developing before slicking some on. The natural crystal deoderant seems to be the exception to this.

I've seen antipersperant either cause the colour not to take, or seen it turn that area green (fascinating, but so not pretty).


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Lol I guess underarms shouldn't be all that tan, so...maybe it's okay? As long as they're not stark white.
Unfortunately they can get stark white too easily. I've got waaaay too many photos from my Latin days where you can tell my malibou glow was painted on from the pasty underarms. I'll echo Dancing Irishman: don't rush to go do anything after applying. Stand there and watch a couple shows on Netflix before moving.


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Ok my DF self tanning experts, I need some help. I've never tanned before but if you've seen my earlier post in this thread, it is clear that I must lol

Since I"ve never done ANY type of self tanning before, I have been doing some research and watching youtube tutorials, etc. But I still need the advice of actual ballroom dancers, as the youtube people are all "I just want to look nice at the beach", etc. Nothing wrong with that, but this type of tan may not cut it on the ballroom floor.

First of all, I sweat. I mean a lot, I SWEAT!! Do spray tans stay on well if you sweat as much as I do? I do both rhythm and smooth and my costumes are pretty conservative (upper back, upper chest, arms, legs showing, midsection and lower back always covered). My fear is that I will have these sweaty looking untanned streaks all over my chest and back. I have my first ever spray tan scheduled for Sat and will try it out at lessons that next few days, see how it holds up to sweating during lessons, but just in general, what has everyone's experience been with sweating, if you have any.

Second, I'm still not exactly sure which I prefer between a spray tan and something like a self tanning mousse, like St. Tropez or Million Dollar Tan, etc. Why would one choose one method over the other? Does one last longer? Does one streak less? What if I spray tan on say a Tuesday night, travel to my comp on a Wed, dance and sweat on Thurs and Fri, watch my pro compete on Sat night, and then not want to frighten other passengers on my flight home on Sun. Does a spray tan hold up to that kind of abuse? What about the tanning mousses?

Anyone care to fill me in? Please?


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If you're really worried, I'd get a professional airbrush tan. I did that once for Ohio when I was dancing four days and reapplying ProTan was just too much hassle. Once it sets it doesn't come off much/at all. You just need to make sure the person doing it/setting the booth (I did a hand-applied airbrushing, not a booth) knows to make it darker than normal. No problems with sweating it off or even showering off.


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I got an airbrush tan for nationals last year and it was wonderful. I brought a picture of a dancer and showed the girl and said I want to be this dark. I've also been told to say "I want to be Snooki dark", though that reference is a little more dated now ;). She said she did two coats of medium and a coat of dark. All I know is I took FORTY MINUTES to dry. Due to the lighting I didn't think it looked that dark right after... until I moved my underwear and saw the color underneath. Best tan I've ever had and I'd definitely recommend it if you have the time/money. Keep an eye out for groupons/livingsocial deals around you and they can be much more affordable. Just don't forget to exfoliate before your appointment!


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Spray-tan/fake-tan/whatever that has DHA in it that dyes your skin, so once you rinse off the guide color in the shower (which is just there to help you see where you have applied the product), the tan shouldn't run, unless you happen to naturally exfoliate as you sweat? People will get occasional staining inside costumes and such, but unless you use some kind of tanning makeup on top of the DHA tan, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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