Computer Static Interference


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For those who better know computers. Does anyone know of special devices or maybe special software that will reduce or prevent the tremendous static interference over AM radio when your computer is on? Normal anti static filters will not work if the source is a computer.


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It's hard to keep RF interference out of AM radio... that's why most of the broadcasting industry went to FM. I've seen some radios which are advertised as being better shielded for use near computers, but not recently. It might be worth checking to see that the circuit that the computer is plugged into has a good ground.


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Or try a different computer, or a different radio!

Or try asking about it on a radio forum or computer forum instead of a dance forum!


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He might get an answer on a dance forum, given the wide range of professions among the dance community.

If locating the radio as far away from the computer as practical doesn't work, see if your radio station has a streaming audio feed over the Internet linked from their web page.

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