Confusing feelings on the floor

Have you experienced this?
Sometimes you feel relaxed and the dance flows, amusingly and relaxed, with no powerful energy, other times you feel surges, a twitch of energy in you that comes from the feeling of music and you can control and send to the follower and someother times when you dance so badly, missing beats, that you honestly ask yourself "what am I doing on the dancing floor? What made me think that I could possibly dance this kind of dance (tango)?"?
And someother times it may happen that you dance the technique well, the follower dances with you and seems to be happy, but you feel no soul, you're just like a robot, asking yourself what you are doing.
Have you felt this? Any ideas about the how and the why?


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Be aware what you are bringing to the milonga. Sometimes is your distrress and sometimes is a bad day in general.
Do you know that in Dubrovnik republic they didn't pass any new law during the bad weather? ;)
At the milonga you have tango, milonga, and vals. This covers a fair variety of moods. Within each type of dance I find some songs boring and some songs inspiring. Whether a song is boring or inspiring, the songs you dance too will also have a range of tempos. Sometimes the moves you are doing work with the tempo and sometimes not.

And most importantly, sometimes you're with an enthusiastic follower, and sometimes the follower gives you the vibe that she's barely tolerating you. All the things I've listed cause me to have a wide range of experiences, often at the same milonga. As a result, sometimes you're feeling it, and sometimes you wonder why you bother.


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I feel this way often, and I believe it's because of the mental state I'm in when I start dancing. I think we were thinking about these issues at the same time, because I made a thread on what I do to prevent this conflict around when you posted yours, A. Victor.


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It's called c-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n. The music is usually the same wherever you dance. But it's the partners that are different. Some tandas are being in heaven and others are ... The only thing that changed is the partner. I danced vals last Saturday with somebody I haven't danced in a while (not for lack of trying.) We skated around the floor.
The more one dances Argentine tango, the more skill one possess, the more every dance is a feeling of having no skin - no barrier, no protection. It is about giving all of you to the other person - without reservations. The flip side is - you feel the other person on such a deep personal level, their mood and personality affect you directly. I had a horrible experience once - it was a leader from out of town, never met him before. He was fairly skilled. Yet the vibe I got in the tanda was so heavy and negative that I couldn't stay at the milonga - I had to leave because it affected me so. I can't explain what it was - just a feeling the guy was transmitting to me.
So swings of mood are the result of the emotional connections we have to the partners we dance with.


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I definitely have off nights, where I feel like I can't dance at all. Sometimes I come to realize it's one person that I just can't find the right connection with.

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