Consistent Hard Effort Over Time: The Only Guaranteed Method of Success


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Well, I think the idea of "consistent hard effort over time" is true of dance, but I don't think that level of physical suffering is necessary. It's similar in that you have to be willing to pinpoint your weakest spots and work on them and that can be difficult both mentally and physically.

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And cross fit is one of them. I think it was Men's Journal, or maybe somewhere else? (recently read 2 articles...) that pointed out that one of the latest trends can put people in the hospital if the drill trainers aren't well versed.
At my age I feel pretty confident in saying that slow and steady gets you there and allows you to keep going there.


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Great article! brought up a lot of good points, such as
Rest - Good sleep means getting to bed before midnight and doesn’t include the phone or computer.
I've the tendency to goof off on my phone before bed.... gotta try to cut that off

...... that picture looks intimidating though lol

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