Contemporary dance

Does anyone else do contemporary dance? Or has anyone else even heard of it? Its like a mixture between ballet and modern. I need some music as i have to compose a solo based on "impulse, impact and swing" and i was just wondering if anyone could give me some ideas or advice, thanks!


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Hi eloise!

No, I don't do contemporary dance, but we may have members who do. Let's wait and see who responds.

I just want to say hello and welcome to the forums! :D It's good to have you with us. :D
ummm, well i've been taking group classes since i was about 7 (i am now 16). my training hasn't really been very intense...


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Hey Eloise! I sent you a couple PM's that may interest you. I know nothing about contemporary dance, but a few of our members may be able to help you. Just click on the message statement at the top right of your screen. Right now, it probably says something like, "you have 3 new messages." A click will take you to your personal mailbox.

Good to have you with us! :D

thanx for all ur help :D
i'm going to a salsa class 2moro!! i'm also thinking of starting either hip hop or jazz as i want to broaden my experience. I really really want to be a professional dancer when i'm older, like in music videos, but at the moment it seems a long way off!! any advice or tips appreciated :D


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Hey eloise! Hope you're still there. How did it go with the salsa class? And did you get any input on the contemporary dance questions? Updates?

Jenn :D
Welcome to the Forum Family, eloise! I actually just responded to your email today with a bunch of ideas on how to get info on contemporary dance...hope it helps.

How was your salsa class???? I'm sure you had a blast!

Definately take a jazz class...they are SOOOO much fun.

And...for more information on becoming a professional dancer (i.e. music videos and such) check out Dance Spirit...a FANTASTIC dance magazine!!!

All the best!

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