Cooking from Scratch


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Home made polenta served with a sausage sauce and fake mozzarella on top along with pan fried salmon with tazziki sauce.

I love how the sausage and polenta recipe called for frozen polenta but for tomatoes crushed by hand... O silly interwebs.


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Lol, Jude... that's why I've curtailed my baking (healthy breakfast muffins notwithstanding). When I bake it, I eat it!

I did make a slowcooker full of lentil stew this weekend - lentils, carrot, potato, sweet potato, rutabaga, celery, onion, garlic and a little salt and pepper - and tossed a chicken quarter in there too, which is now shredded into pieces. Yum... good thing, because I'll be eating it all week :)


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I made a quiche last night, for the first time in quite a while....crustless, with spinach, asparagus, broccoli, shrimp, and cheese. I portioned it out for work dinners, and popped it all into the freezer. Yummy...high protein and low carb. Just what I need after my week of self indulgence post knee surgery. Yikes!


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My friend is teaching me to make all sorts of stuff totally from scratch! Cooking beef stock up now (holy wow bones are very cheap)...will experiment with lentil and bean-based shepard's pie, soups, and stuff like that.


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Working on trying to figure out how to cook chicken without a grill before moving in June.
Also learned my mom's homemade pizza from scratch... a definite life skill I needed to have before moving away
Made homemade bacon cheddar broccoli mac and cheese yesterday night - cannot wait to chow down on it for lunch today! (I prepped a lot of meals yesterday so I haven't gotten a chance to enjoy it yet).


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Seafood and chicken paella. Company was supposed to come for dinner, but got stuck in traffic and cancelled after paella already finished. So I have a mountain of leftover paella.

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