granted like Toto you get whisked up by a whirlwind and are deposited on the roof of your house- but you are in your car at the time so the roof is a bit of a mess.

I wish to think outside the box
granted (oh, joy) welcome to the heroin joint here in sunny malaya where you will stay for 3 months cleaning hookas and stuffing pipes. Doesn't get much more exotic than this!

I wish for peace of mind (er, not a piece of mind in case you were going to feed me...)

Angel HI

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A large box of canned herrings in tomato sauce arrives on your doorstep.

I wish for a lovely day capped by 4 hours of dancing....
Granted. It was a lovely day in Copenhagen...topped with 4 hours of dancing. Too bad, you're in Canada.

I wish for an unexpected financial windfall to come my way.
granted. Your first task is to choose perfect health without happiness or perfect happiness without health.

I wish I never have to make such a choice!
Hmm strikes that's the sort of command you give a robot to fry its logic circuits
and would probably lead me to endless procrastination; (thinks aloud " Now to plot my revenge"

Granted; you are a drooling moron without the mental capacity to understand what a choice is!

I wish that someone other than E-D grants this wish

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