Costume for lindy hop/jump swing choreography


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I might be doing a lindy hop/jump swing combination choreography to a Jersey Bounce (Benny Goodman Orchestra) and Rockin' Little Boogie (Downchild Blues Band) mix.

[There is a social ballroom dance on the 5th of next month and people in my class were asked if they were interested in trying out and seeing if we could do a performance during a break at this dance. My participation actually depends on if I gain sufficient confidence on some of the moves/transitions that have been troubling me recently. :oops: ]

I already have the requiste spectator jazz shoes (black and white), so know that will look good for me. Of course not everyone will have the shoes so I was hoping for some ideas on something easy that people would have so at least colors/ styles of clothing somewhat matched. Then people may not want to necessarily change for the performance, so something that will also work for ballroom social dancing. A tall order, perhaps, but I have faith in the DF swingers!! :)
Loose fitting black slacks, dress pants or preferably zoot suit pants. A white long sleeve collared shirt, a bright tie, and a black vest. WOmen could wear the same thing, either with slacks or skirt, they could wear dresses or skirts that match their partners ties.

The black ties the group together, but the womens dresses/skirts and the ties give each couple a look of individuality.

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