Cotton Eye Joe

LOVE both "Cotton-Eyed Joe" AND "Schottische"

We do both Cotton-Eyed Joe AND Schottische here in rural south-western Colorado. :) They are done in both the wheel-spoke formation as well as a singles and a couples dance, sometimes all on the dance floor at the same time, but NEVER as a line dance -- always only in a "normal" counter-clockwise round-the-dance-floor line of travel.

One of us learned the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" in 1968 in Texas in dance bars, and the other learned it in a Western Dance class in Denver in 1984.

As for Schottische, we both learned it from family members. A classic description (complete with photographs) of what we now-a-days think of as "the" Schottische can be found in the 1939 edition of Lloyd Shaw's book "Cowboy Dances" published by Caxton Printers. He comments that he was shown by the daughter of a pioneer woman how it was danced "back in the eighties" which in 1939 would have referred to the 1880's! :eek: It is easily "jazzed up" by adding extra moves.

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