Count down for the Reno Event

Vince A said:
Yes, Care and I are heading out early Friday morning . . . hope to be there by noon.

Pam, I've met a couple of these guys and will gladly do the introductions. Is Wayne still going?
Hi Vince, yes, Wayne is going too. There is no way I'd drive that all by myself, especially in bad weather! :shock: I was hoping it would stay sunny this weekend, but my luck didn't hold out. I'm bringing warm clothing for sure. The last time we went to Tahoe for the Magic Mountain event, it snowed for the drive home! We had to get chains for the car. I'm hoping the weather will clear up on Sunday for the drive home. I hope... I hope.


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Vince A said:
I don't think so . . . sometimes, even parts of that are videoed!
Wow, every salsa congress I've ever been to has allowed open videotaping of all social dancing -- world class instructors included.

Vince A

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But rest assured, tht as soon as I said that . . . they probably decreed it "OK" to bring video cameras in . . . ah, c'est la vie . . . ??? . . . or something like that!
Video taping will be allowed during the general social dancing. There will be no cameras of any type allowed in the Show at all. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the contracts with the performers and videographers will not allow it. Thank you for your understanding.

Video cameras will not be allowed in the competition room, but still cameras will. IF you have a digital camera that is capable of taking video, please respect our wishes and those of the competitors and restrain from video taping.


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Thanks for clarrifying the policies Damon. The no videoing of the show/comps/workshops is, of course, understandable. I'd just been rather shocked at the idea that social dancing couldn't be videotaped.


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d nice said:
Video cameras will not be allowed in the competition room, but still cameras will.
Ummm, wait a minute... hadn't you said that much of the social dancing was now going to be taking place between comp rounds?

I'm confused now... :scratching head:

Vince A

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d nice said:
IF you have a digital camera that is capable of taking video, please respect our wishes and those of the competitors and restrain from video taping.
And that I would do . . . I was only talking about during one fun social dance in the previous post . . . thanks . . .
I know Vince, this is for others who may be attending.

There will be at least one room open, maybe two (still checking) that will be open for social dancing except during the workshops and the Show. When the competitions are over, video cameras will be allowed into the main room.

So while there will be social dancing inbetween the comps in the main room, there will also be social dancing the entire time competitions are going on. With social dancing before, during, inbetween, and after the competitions, there should be social dancing available for a stunning amount of time.
YOu're welcome, though I'm not the one who provided the link in this thread.

Okay so I just finished the dj schedule for the Lindy Hoppers... we've got a minimum of 27 hours of social dancing to dj's and another three or four of Barbara Morrison for both Lindy Hoppers and West Coast Swing Dancers.

Don't say I didn't warn you about bringing that extra pair of legs with you.
I think he's gone SD. Said he was going to get there Wed. evening. We're leaving Friday morning instead of Thurday night. The weather report is now looking good!! yay! There may not be snow after all. See ya there! Can't wait!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Sooooooo embarassed! I feel like I got my dancin' partners mixed up!

THANK YOU for the web-site.

I am terrible with computers and message boards...forgive me.

Oaktown Dancer
SD, Dnice, Vince. It was great meeting you all there. Wish there could have been more of us. Thanks SD for being at the meeting place on time. :D It was really nice meeting and talking to you. Thanks for the dances both of you (SD and Vince). I really enjoyed them. SD, your west coast was very good. Keep it up, you'll be great in no time. I was a little under the weather for most of the weekend. I guess the altitude made me feel weird. My feet hurt a lot sooner than I expected and I didn't dance too much on Sat. How about the Show? Wasn't that great? I didn't get to say goodbye. Sorry for that. We didn't stay on Sunday. We ended up leaving right after we got up. Made the drive much nicer. Hope you all made it home without any problems. :D :D :D
It was great meeting you too Dancergal. The altitude got to me also... I was puttering out after one or two songs in the 200bpm range. Like Sylvia at first I just thought it was me getting old, then I remembered that we were over 3000 in elevation... I felt better about myself even though the energy didn't start coming back.

Oaktown Dancer I didn't catch you did I. What is your name? Are you from Oakland, CA?

Damon Stone

Vince A

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Thanks, Pam . . . I really enjoyed dancing with you too!

I think the altititude (at 4,415 ft) made many of us feel weird . . . tough getting oxygen a that level if you are not used to it! I also had the "sore feet," as all of my dance shoes that I brought (three pair) felt very tight. And as I found out this morning, my right big toe is broken . . . I had a girl stomp on it after landing from an aerial right next to me. I can barely get my shoe on . . . it's in a small splint right now, and the doctor said take it easy for at least 6 weeks.

We didn't say 'goodbyes' either . . . we also headed out right after we got up too and had breakfast with SD! The drive was much nicer going home with the sunshine and all. Did you see any "highway patrol" on the way home? ;-)

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