Country bars playing hip-hop?

Steve Pastor

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And the latest entry in the hip hop influences country sweepstakes is...
Trailer Choir's "Off the Hillbilly Hook". See the video at

dancergal mentioned Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar and Grill" (Harrah's, I think). I have a great memory of being there with my mother and brother. My mom was sitting there boppin her fingers on the table top with a big smile on her face. There were showing videos and had had both old and new, Toby Keith and not. I read that Trailer Choir's "Off the Hillbillly Hook will be in "Beer for My Horses".


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This thread reminded me of the HP iPod commercial from a few years ago. The original had just the CW line dancing and then the breakin' with the music choices switched. This one has that plus a few more. Think the first song is the best.


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