Country dance in Tenerife island ?


I plan to go to Tenerife (Canary islands) next april. Does somebody know where are located the best places to listen country music and to dance on this beautiful island ?

Thank you very much

Michel (France)
Welcome to Dance Forums, Michel. Hope you enjoy our discussions here.

I've never been to the islands so can't answer the question.

Do you find many places to dance country western in France?
Hi Rick,

Thanks for your answer even if this one is negative, and your warm welcome too.

I beleive that american people doesn't know how much country music and above all country dance is apreciated in France and Europe ! For about 3/4 years there are hundred of country dance clubs or associations created, and several big festivals like this one every summer

For example, here is the link of a country dance association near my home sorry in French !

Then, you see, it's not a problem to dance country here.

In 2007, I was in Indio (CA) for the first Country Music Festival for two days, what a great moment for a french country music enthusiast, unforgettable !

One more question. I've been twice to USA in 2002 and 2007, and I plan to come back in 1 or 2 years, I don't know yet. So, I'd like to know where are best places to dance and listen country music in Florida (where I think I'll arrive) and the states around. Do you have good Honky Tonks addresses for me, please ? Thank you very much in advance.

Have a good day


Sorry for the delay in responding. I tried a few time to load your website for the West Country Dancers before it was sucessful. Not to worry, even without any understanding of the French lanuage, I got the basic message; yours is a large group that enjoy live music and dance, both couples and linedancing.

My dance experiences are limited. I've only been dancing for a year and only at my local hall. Florida is big and I'm in the north west area; about 400 miles (650 kilometers) from the central area of Tampa and Orlando and 650 miles (1050 kilometers) from Miami in the south where most people visit. Perhaps some of the others will have knowledge of the country dance scene there?

The West Country Dancers group is not mine, it is just an example of existing groups in my region. The name of my group is Jokadance Country, but there is no website actually. We are about 35 people in this group, shared between 1st and 2nd year.

My dance experiences are limited too, it's my first year in a group, before I learned about 10 dances at home with my wife who was dancing in an other group in 2007/2008. Now I know about 25/30 dances, and my wife at least 35/40.

Rick, if you come to France, at least you know you can dance country even if, I beleive, choregraphies are differents. But the music is the same !

We dance on songs of A Jackson (one of my favorite singers), G Strait, Ricky Skaggs, Mark Chesnutt and others, and french or european singers too.

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Hallo michel,

I don’t know about any Country/Western Dance on Tenerife. In Puerto de la cruz however, exists an English Pub named Molly Malone at the harbour quarter. There musicians and patrons will meet to play, drink, sing and dance. The style is more British folk/standards. It’s a cheerful crowed and if somebody has any information about hidden Western places you will most likely find him there.
rhine-stone saloon


I plan to go to Tenerife (Canary islands) next april. Does somebody know where are located the best places to listen country music and to dance on this beautiful island ?

Thank you very much

Michel (France)
hi,, the Rhinestone saloon has just opened recently,,it has a fantastic level dance floor,, they are situated in cc salytien in las americas on the road level, if you see the big sign on the roof that says bingo bingo bingo,, then you will see the rhinestone signjust below. net to the clothes shop it has a great western saloon look,, debby stone (the wife of the late ray stone) is the singer there,, you can sit and listen or join in with the line dancing,,it´s a really great venue. the best we have seen in las americas to date,, say hello from me if you visit,,
Country Music Tenerife

In Playa de las Americas there's a nice place called "Country Grill Karina". It's lying in the pasage between Hotel Vulcano and Hotel Andora, and close to Parque de la paz. And dancing is perfectly allowed and for free there.
Best live country music in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife is Little Joe. Very good guitarist and singer. Little Joe is playing in restaurant Country Grill Karina in Paseo Chinyero. Want to know more seach Little Joe in Tenerife with Google. You can also find videos with him on you tube.

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