Country Girl

Okay...looking for another dance. Are you familiar with DF Dub's song "Country Girl?" If so (or if not), do you know if there's a line dance to the song? I've looked on the Kick It site, but found nothing.
Thanks, pygmalion! I'll have to keep searching...I know there's a dance to it I just need the step sheet. Oh well, if I don't find it I'll just have to make up a new dance to it! :D


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There's a list of line dance sites at the bottom of that site. Unfortunately, the one that looks likely to have a ton of step patterns has been converted to a paid site (to help defray the founder's medical bills :( ) And I am interested, but not interested enough to buy a subscription. :oops:

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This is the only one I know of:

Country Girl
Source: RK Country Vol I as submitted by the choreographer

Tempo: 110 - 140 bpm
Music: Good Friends by Hank Williams Jr.
Cadillac Style by Sammy Kershaw
A Little Bit In Love by Patty Loveless
Dumas Walker by The Kentucky Headhunters

1- 2 Touch right heel forward/diagonally, and together
3- 4 Touch left heel forward/diagonally, and together
5- 6 Kick right heel forward 2 times
7 Step right
8 Touch left toes back

9 Step left
10 Kick right
11 Step right
12 Touch left toes back

13-18 3 shuffles forward starting on the left
19 Step right (slightly) forward
20 Pivot 1/4 turn to the left (shift weight to left foot)

21&22 Kick right, step right, step left (kick-ball-change)
23&24 Kick right, step right, step left (kick-bail-change)

25-26 Step right toes forward, drop heels
27-28 Step left toes forward, drop heels
29-30 Step right toes forward, drop heels
31-32 Step left toes forward, drop heels

33 Cross right over left, making 1/4 turn to the left
34 Step left back
35 Step right together
36 Stomp left


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