country rocks!

I just started taking line dancing and I have discovered my love for country music. My coworker at universal dragged me to these classes and they are so much fun!! I am obsessing over Toby Keith right now and I just got his CD, white trash with money, that came out last week. It is such a great CD, does anyone else have it??
Welcome to the Forums, countryangel28! And congratulations on your new love for line dancing and country music.

I don't really listen to very much country so I'm not familiar with the CD, but I do know who Toby Keith is. :)
I don't have any Toby Keith CDs either, but some of his songs are fun. I never liked country music until I started to dance to it, and it still scares me that I listen to it now. (Just looking for good songs to dance to, of course!)

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