country swing lifts??

Hey all,
I'm an avid country swinger from Salt Lake County in Utah.. but I'm clueless about the lifts and I'd love to learn, which is why I've been lookin them up on the Internet (and stumbled on this site) Maybe do you have an idea of a good source that I could go to? Or a book to read or anything? I've learned the can opener, the candlestick (although I'm not too good at getting all the way up yet), and one I'm not sure on the name of the third.. you go around his back and come around to the front, lock your legs and he spins.. - if that made any sence..

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Vince A

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I also have the Steven Sister's video, as well as video's of Robert and Laureen, which by the way were some of my early instructors before they moved to NY.

The lifts and aerials are the same, but could be extremely difficult to put into words . . . I wouldn't even attempt it! I don't want someone to get hurt . . . buy the videos.
Some aerials we do are cannonball, squat, and a bunch of ones that we have our own name for - butterfly kicks, back to back, through the legs, around the back, and some others that I can't think of.

If you are going to venture into the world of aerials, please please have either someone there who can show you how, or someone to help spot you if you are using a video. Aerials can be very dangerous. One false move and your dancing days could be over. :(

They can also be a heck of a lot of fun!!! :tongue:

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