Country Western "dance" shirt?

Do they make Country Western-style dance shirts like they do smooth dance shirts? I.e. with built-in underwear. I'll be doing some CW dances at my next competition, so I should probably wear a CW-themed outfit. However, I hate dancing in regular button down shirts. The shirt tail always starts to come out and I always feel a need to fix it. The built-in underwear feature of smooth shirts prevent that.

I've tried using those "shirt stays" things that police and military officers use to keep their shirt tails always neatly tucked. Those didn't really work out for me.

Alternatively, I was thinking of just wearing my white smooth shirt, with some jeans and a bolo tie. Not quite sure how that will actually look yet, but in my mind at least it should be ok.

Steve Pastor

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Don't do comps, so I have no idea what they expect you to wear...

Been buying shirts from Sheplers for many years now.

I have at least a dozen Western shirts, mostly like this one in different colors

Lately, I've grown fond of the ones inspires by the clothes made for the Western Swing bands and "Hollywood cowboys."

No built in underwear I'm afraid.
Maybe I should FINALLY post a picture...
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