Country Western Worlds in Nashville

We are not sure as of yet. Need to recover from World's. Found out we placed second in our division! We are really happy.
We will more than likely do Orange Blossom as we have freinds who live in the Orlando area sooo no hotel costs. :D Also, we will do Christmas in Dixe as we live in S. Carolina.

What about you any clue what events your planning?


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Woohoo! That placement is impressive! :D

Not ready to compete yet, so, at the moment, I'm planning "spectator" events. :lol: When's the Orange Blossom? Is that the one in Feb in Orlando area? I'm planning a trip back there soon. It would be nice if I could get it to coincide with a dance competition or two. 8)
Orange Blossom is held in June. The one in February is in Altamonte Springs just outside of Orlando. It is called Central Florida Dance Stampede. Because my partners coach is pregnant and due in 4 weeks we aren't planning any comps sooner than June to give her a chance to recover and spend time with her baby. My dance coach is her husband and so of course they could not do World's either.


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Thanks. I'll have to see what I can coordinate. I'm already planning a trip back to Orlando in May -- maybe I can switch it to June? Don't know. (I just moved from Orlando three weeks ago, so I have lots of contacts there. 8) )
That would be cool. Where did you move to? I moved to S. Carolina from Fort lauderdale, Fl. back in September. I am finding it is very difficult to find a job here. Thank goodness I have dancing to take away the stress :D


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I'm in Dallas -- so I'm thinking this is a golden opportunity to get more seriously into country dancing. There's C&W everywhere here. 8) :D

Good luck with the job search. Things appear to be a lot better than they were even six months ago. But South Carolina is tough, unless you live in one of the bigger cities. (I'm not asking, btw. 8) ) My parents and a bunch of cousins live in rural SC, and I know people who are commuting 75 or more miles in each direction, just to have a job. It's tough.

I think I'm going to follow Vince's suggestion, and check out that UCWDC (?) website. That has pretty much all the big comps listed, right?
Yes, the website has all of the events listed on there and some of them allow you to regiser online now for them. The site also shows you all of the results from past events. I live in N. Charleston. We only have 1 dance venue. Though we know a few ballroom coaches that sponsor C/W nights which we attend once in awhile. They also have a few swing nights which is fun as well.

Your lucky where you live. You know Sam and Mona Arvidson live in Houston if your looking for coaches they would be the best. They are in the Masters division.


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Oh yeah, and I will check out the website. I'm hoping to find some comps, coaches, etc, within a reasonable drive. Houston's a few hours' drive, but not too far for me to get coaching on a weekend. 8)
Also back from worlds

Had a blast and did a lot of social dancing. A little dissappointed at who made masters this year, but oh well. Did anyone else see the open professional? Gary and Lisa were amazing. I like them, because even though they've been the undefeated top couple for some time, they still train and get better and better, rather than rest on their laurels.

Also, now that masters don't have the same costume restrictions, we got to see some major skin.


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Glad you had fun. 8) Define major skin? Just curious. The amateur ladies costumes are really ... demure. So what do the pros' costumes look like? Ballroomy? Meaning Latin ballroomy?
I agree Solomon, the Master's costumes were barely there. They did not look ballroomy at all more like stage showy. They were beautiful. Not sure if you remember me but we danced a few dances at Round Up in Fort Lauderdale in 2003 on Thursday night during the Sunshine State Dance Festival. I remember meeting you and a friend there. Seemed your partner could not make that comp if I remember correctly. My name is Marci by the way.
They were miniscule all right. Considering that they were filming their performances for GAC I was a bit surprised at how little fabric there was. Though some of them were tasteful.
They were, infact, Latin costumes. Brandy Tobias has all of her costumes made by Chrisanne. Her solo costume was almost a two-piece. For the open professional, Lisa McIntyre did wear a two-piece. Patty Muholland wore a really sexy black fringed dress missing about 2 yards of fabric from her mid section.

I'm sorry CountryDancer2004, I don't remember you. I didn't go to the Ft. Lauderdale comps in 2003. I was there in 2001 and also 2002, when I came with my partner. I think, however, the last time I was at the round up was probably 2002 when I was visiting my friend Maria.


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Yeah. The pictures I've seen of the amateur (syllabus? what do you call them?) costumes look positively quaint next to some ballroom Latin costumes -- well covered midriffs everywhere. :lol: But C&W seems to be borrowing a lot from ballroom, so who knows what change is coming?
They have very strict rules in the lower divisions, but they've repealed a lot of them in the past two years. There are no more hemline requirements, and now masters have no costume requirements (besides hat and boots) at all. It's very exciting. I'm looking forward to what I get to wear when I become a master (fingers crossed for 2005).

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