Country Western Worlds in Nashville

Brandi wore one of our dresses at the recent worlds :) - it was an Aqua latin that was almost a 2 piece except for a sash in front joining the top and bottom together. I'm looking forward to watching her dance in it when it's aired on GAC.
she looked beatiful in it. I assumed it was Chrisanne because it was very similar to her two-step and waltz costumes, which were. I'm very interested in your company, I have a dress I need to sell, how do I contact you?
That's right it was in 2002. I remember now. I really did not expect you to remember me :) Anyway the hemline measurement is stilled required at the lower divisions especially newcomer and novice. I believe they relaxed the costuming alot for the masters level and possibly showcase due to the fact that they perform vs compete (even though they are still competing) I think I said that right. :lol:
You're right about the reasoning. In fact, even Newcomer ladies can now wear dresses of any length for everything but waltz. The only proviso, is that your dance pants can not show. I think that the reason for the skimpy costumes might have been because of the filming, not in spite of it. And lets face it, Brandy and Patti have nice bodies, why hide them?
I've been there

I used to compete on the UCWDC circuit. Its been 3 years since I've done it since I went overseas to work. I miss is so much though and I look forward to returning within a year. I didn't get to go to the Nashville Worlds. Actually the last Worlds I went to was in San Antonio in 1998 I believe. I know, its sad, but I hope to change that. Plus, its a little more difficult to go to World's when its in Canada or the Netherlands. I think this year it is in Sweden. Anyway, hope to see yall on the dance floor. I will probably need a new partner though.

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