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I have been eating more legumes for protein. As well as lentils, beans, and tofu, I found a chickpea pasta I like a lot (Bonza, but cooked for only 4 minutes). It's expensive for pasta, but not as a protein source. I didn't do this to save money--I like legumes and and I like how easy they are to store and cook. However, saving money over other protein sources is a nice added benefit.
Probaly a lot healthier than a typical Wetern diet as well.


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Surviving the apocalypse... maybe deserves its own thread?:rofl:
Love this! I have enough moisturizer and makeup samples from gifts with purchase to last, maybe not until the apocalypse, but for a long time to come. I'm now selective in buying into gifts with purchase, unless it's something I really need. I received a flyer from Macy's about an upcoming gift with purchase, and I was contemplating getting a serum, until I found a full size serum in my product basket that I don't remember buying. So I think I'll pass, like I passed on the recent Clinique and Lancôme gifts with purchase.

I need a high SPF BB or CC cream for summer, but I'm thinking of going to Ulta Beauty instead for a non department store brand product that costs less. Ulta Beauty has a loyalty card that you accumulate points. Last year I saved my points until Black Friday, and redeemed them for Black Friday specials I liked. You have to have some discipline to save points all year, but it's worth it.

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