Cross-over from Pure Cybric Ignorance

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I'm a newbie of seven days on the yehoodi forum and inadvertently had broken all the yehoodi guide lines within 24 hours out of pure cybric ignorance; I have cross-overed, I sent several repetitions of the same message because I did not know how to verify my posts, because I never read instructions; I still have to use a knife and a pliers to open up a box of Wheaties, and I never peal an orange the same way twice.
But the yehoodi team has given me some gentle reprimands with user instructions that 'I couldn't refuse'. So annoyed subscribers, accept my apologies for my mesugana attempts to place my first posts in my lifetime. Although I have 70 plus posts on <> I had a facilitator to post my Commentaries; my debt goes to my cybric mentor, David Duval.
As for my Magic Pill posts; I am positively not selling any tapes, books or dance lessons!
The reason for developing the, Magic Pill was to help stem a local epidemic here in Los Angeles where too many Swing dancers (not all) are infected with the Camel Hop which they euphemize by calling it the 'West Coast Swing'. How this epidemic started is another story, but being raised in Brooklyn from 1928 to 1946, I was steeped in the culture of the Savoy Lindy Hop which along with the Peabody and Stickball were the predominant Ballroom dances in New York during those years.
My Magic Pill is a gift to all those Southern Californians as an alternative to their Camel Hop/West Coast Swing. I am not selling it; is my Freebie to whoever wants it. I'll even send you an adjunct to the Pill, 'Procedural steps for the most effective application of this Teaching method'; Just send the word 'Yes' To <D.LANZA@NETZERO.NET>
The text of the Magic Pill, an instructional Lindy Hop method, is quoted in yehoodi forum by Kevin Van Meter.
Joe Lanza, the Black Sheep

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