Cuban Pete & Barbara Craddock at Norwegian Salsa Congres

For immediate release: June 17, 2003

Cuban Pete & Barbara Craddock Scheduled at
2nd Annual Norwegian Salsa Congress - Oslo, September 19-21, 2003

World-renowned Latin dance legend, Cuban Pete and dance partner, Barbara Craddock, will be making their premier European appearance at the 2nd Annual Norwegian Salsa Congress in Oslo, Norway, September 19 - 21, 2003.

They are tentatively scheduled to host their lecture entitled, "The Mambo/Salsa Connection," where they trace the origins of salsa and mambo and demonstrate how everything "old" is "new" again. Vintage footage of mambo during the Palladium days will be used to show the dance evolution through time. Also planned are two All Level workshops where participants will learn to identify, hear, apply and use clave (the governing rhythmic body, or the timekeeper of Latin music and dance) to create original, distinctive dance steps and body moves. They will perform a classic Mambo "en clave" in the showcase extravaganza and will be judging competitions. They are each slated to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Cuban Pete and Barbara will also "dance-paint" their legendary moves for renowned artist, Erich Padilla, well known for his artistry association with the International Latin Music Hall of Fame. Padilla and Cuban Pete are 2003 recipients of Awards of Special Recognition from the International Latin Music Hall of Fame.

Cuban Pete, "Mr. Mambo," the "King of the Latin Beat," is a legendary dancer known worldwide for his talent and passion for the mambo genre. His signature style makes him an icon on the dance floor and continues to confirm his titles, "Prince of the Palladium, Maestro of Mambo…Master of the Clave." Nicknamed by the master of ceremonies at the Palladium in 1949, Cuban Pete was a regular weekly performer at the dance palace. Cuban Pete has won numerous awards for his contributions to Latin dance, his dance style and impeccable timing. He has invented scores of movements recognized as standards of Latin dance. He was the choreographer and consultant for the hit movie, Mambo Kings, starring Antonio Banderas and Armand Assante. Cuban Pete also had a role in the film, "Mambo Madness," which prompted a LIFE magazine article and led to performances at Carnegie Hall, The RKO Palace, The Waldorf Astoria and the Apollo Theater, plus two performances at the White House.

Barbara Craddock has been a professional dancer since the age of 15 and brings more than 40 years of teaching and performance experience to the dance floor. She has partnered with renowned dancers in New York, New Jersey and Florida, in both nightclub and revues of varied dance styles. She is a schooled ballroom dancer who specializes in Latin dance, but is also trained in ballet, tap and jazz. Barbara, along with Cuban Pete, has been featured on international, national and local television and radio.

Cuban Pete and Barbara are each certified by the National Dance Teachers of America and hold international licenses from the International Dance Organization. They helped make history in the preservation of clave by blending it with ballet: They served as choreographic consultants and instructors for Miami City Ballet's unprecedented and innovative work, "Mambo No 2 a.m.," under the direction of Edward Villella, which premiered in March 2000. For further information, please visit

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