Cumbia with Sacadas


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Do you know my " caribbean tango theory (C.T.T. :lol: ) " yet?

I found a lot of similar stuff and figures. There must have been a melting pot of dancing styles in the fin de siècle period prior to the national based developement of TA, Danzon, Gafiera, ....

And this melting pot of dancing swept over to europe, too that days. Remember that Habaneras/Havaneres and Tango andaluz are still danced and played in south of spain today.
Hmm I'm no expert on musical timings but I cant really see the similarity ... anyway I'm afraid I dont like danzon (it seems like a mix of country dancing and a beauty parade)

I assume this is cumbia from Argentina?
It looks to me like he is lifting her foot - I think they maintain contact until she brings her foot back down. Not sure, though.

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