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I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to have custom showdance costumes made. My instructor and I put together a really neat studio showcase number that we'll be doing this weekend, and both of us like it so much that we may want to do it as a solo pro-am showdance at a local competition (or competitions). For the studio showcase, I am just wearing a rented theatre costume (the number requires 19th-century attire), but it's a heavier and less pliable fabric than my smooth tux. (Mainly it just bunches in the back, made worse by the fact that the costume is not designed to close.) I also am not a fan of the costume design (it's a beige and I prefer blues and purples), so I'd like to have a custom costume made.

EDIT: My first inclination was to go to the local theatre costume company and ask them to make something, but I'm just afraid that they may not have enough experience with making dance costumes. Does it make a difference?

Any thoughts?
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No harm in asking them. Just explain what you need, and maybe take along your smooth tux so they can see how the armhole differs, and the type of material it is made from. I'm not sure what Smooth tuxes are made of, but DSI uses a stretch garbadine for their suits, they have a few colours. I've made a couple of vests using stretch Bengaline, it might be OK for what you need, as it has give, looks smart, easy to work and comes in a lot of colours. Who ever is making it needs to understand that the set of the armhole is different, as your arms need to be able to move rather then just be down by your sides, but I don't think the actual sewing is that different...... I have been wrong before though, and I haven't yet had a go at a tail suit! Best of luck and would love to see a pic of the end result.

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