Dance Channel TV

Dance Channel TV is the web’s central source for dance entertainment. Unlike old-fashioned TV, Dance Channel TV! broadcasts directly to your computer. This is live, interactive, Internet television 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Come here to be entertained as we walk you through the world of dance. Dance movies, short video clips, performances, auditions - from ballet to jazz, ballroom, hip hop, tango, and modern, we have it all. Dance Channel TV – your home for dance on the web! Connect! Explore! Come dance with us!
Spam or no, it sounds like a cool idea...for the total danceaholic...for which I believe there are quite a few, and the numbers are growing.
That's exactly what I was going to say. Found the above site earlier today while I was looking for a forum to be able to talk to other ballroom fans. I was not impressed.
Yes I was looking for a ballroom chat site too. There's nothing on this website yet! Anyone got recommendations?
It might not have a chat site but it is the best ballroom site available. Some of us came over from other ballroom sites and this site is best and most frequently updated by posters. The moderators maintain a peaceable atmosphere as well.

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