Dance Comp Review - Windy City Open Dance Sport, Chicago IL


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A little late joining the party here, but this was a great video and I would love to see more like it.

One additional thing I would like to see--and it may not have applied to this comp--is information about the size of fields in different disciplines. In other words, if a comp has a more robust number of competitors in American than international, or vice versa, that might be worth knowing. Similarly, it would be good to know if a comp caters principally to pro and pro-am or whether it also has robust fields in amateur events.

Nice work! :)


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Thank you ChaChaMama,

We are distinguishing which categories should be talked about in a thread called "What would you need to know before entering a comp." Based on some feedback on that thread, numbers will definitely be added into a next episode of DCR.

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