Dance Competition Ideas

Hi all, my friends and I've been conducting a small eve dancing camp at Scarborough (ON) for last couple of years. We have around 20 students of above age 15 and around 23 below. We've been doing well and even the kids are very passionate towards dance. We teach Jazz, Salsa, Hip-hop, Ballet and Contemporary and kids have more interests towards Salsa & Jazz. It is interesting to see them to be so passionate towards the form of dance.
Now, we are thinking of having a dance competition, but it is just an idea that came into our mind. Actually, the idea was given by a person whom I met in a restaurant. During our chat he mentioned that he could get trophies & awards for very comfortable rates from Hoult-Hellewell (Scarborough), in case I wanted it for the kids. After that I discussed it with my team, and we came to an idea of conducting a competition first within our students, and maybe include more dance troupes.
I'm not even sure whether it will be good for kids or not. If it is, can anyone help me out with ideas of how the competition should be done. The various categories and various ways to evaluate the competition.

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