'Dance Fever' Week 1 discussion thread

Warning: If you don't want to know who won week 1, read no furthur!

Check your TV schedule and and set your VCRs. Dance Fever is going to be airing on Sunday night! TV Guide is a good place to check. And here is the Dance Fever homepage.
There is also a pretty interesting Dance Fever Quiz. Looks like Carmen Electra, MC Hammer and Jamie King are going to be the judges.

It's the commercial. "All That", a clogging group just won round A. I didn't care too much for the ballroom dancers, but hopefully there will be some better ones.

As for the judges, I like Jamie King a lot. I like MC Hammer a lot. Carmen Electra makes me cringe.
carmen electra [although easy on the eyes] is one of the most crass women on the face of this earth. others joining that group are jenny mcarthy and madonna. lol :lol:
Round B is showing a little more talent. The Salsa dancers, Monica and Alex, were awesome! Joshua Pettis was really good, too. I'm hoping that couple dancing will rule Dance Fever.

I saw Hypno dance at an event recently. He is totally awesome. I can't believe he got fourth place. When I watched him, it was a much longer routine and he was able to develope a story. I think he might have done better if he was given more time. Also, since Popping and Locking tends to use a different technique than traditional dancing, I bet Jamie took off technique points. If you've ever seen Hypno in person, you'll know what I mean.

What?....It looks like the Salsa dancers won Round B! The Cloggers are no match for the Salsa dancers. I'm going to go ahead and declare Monica and Alex the winners!


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I'm not sure if I should bother to watch or not...I already know the resultes and it hasn't even aired on my side of the country yet! :?
Sorry about that , SDsalsaguy! :oops:

Looks like they're playing it twice in a row over here.
I'd still be interested to know what you thought of the Salsa Couple vs. the Cloggers.

One thing cool is the cloggers are from my home town of Atlanta. Go Atlanta!


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TV schedule says they'll be airing it twice in a row here as well...just not starting for another hour and 20 minutes though :)

I'll let you know what I thought of the salsa couple later on...


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Ok, just finished watching…but I couldn’t get my @#$%^&*! VCR to record! Damn! Anyway, I actually think that the results were fair. As much as I love salsa, I can understand where the judges were coming from. Two elements in particular come to mind.

First off, I think that only having 30 seconds for the dance off favored the clogging guys. Compounding this, however, I don’t think that the choreography Alex and Monica used in the dance off served them well. In particular, there was some “dead” time and the initial impact of certain moves and tricks was already diminished as it had already been seen. To my way of thinking the more arm based movements – especially as that is both more dynamic and one of the elements that had been commented on when they first danced – would have served them better with only 30 seconds. While its true that her backbend is also impressive and was commented on, it’s a “set” element that, again, loses some of its impact in repetition…and hence my sentiments regarding the use of more dynamic choreography for the dance off.

Also, as much as I appreciate Alex and Monica’s dancing, I thought some of the transitions were a bit static, i.e. filler between other elements vs. elements in and of themsleves.

I should also mention that I videotaped them doing both a salsa and an Argentine Tango number here in San Diego a couple of months ago (actually the night before I left for Europe I think) and also got to dance with her at the time. :D
I really liked the salsa duo, but I have to agree, during the 30 seconds they had to show the judges what they had they had too much "dead" time. I think they could have showed better.
Actually I was incredibly unimpressed with the salsa dancers... I was looking for more musicality, more rhythm, less flash and trash... I guess I'm disappointed by the general lack of dancing in their piece. Their 30 sec. bit was pretty much just recycled tricks from the original performance. It just felt like trick some steps and another trick for the whole time. To many pauses going into and out of the tricks instead of them fitting seamlessly into the dancing. In swing we call this rock-step aerial. Then again it gets and keeps the lay persons attention, and if the tricks are "big" enough even the experienced dancer can be wowed.

Josh was okay but... too wild, too all over the place. He never let anything develop, I just thought he was too busy.

The "ballroom" couple... shrug. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. Hypno has done better. He has the disadvantage of having two judges very familiar with his style of dance. Jamie and Hammer have worked with some of the best around, so they are going to be more critical. All that said I've seen Tommy perform better.
I do have to agree that the salsa couple could have used a better routine, but I think given the fact that they went out there and did their best I have to give them "props"
Oh, please don't get me wrong. My latin sucks. They would blow me away in a salsa competition any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I give them mad props for going out there and even auditioning. The fact that they made it as far as the semi-finals shows they have skill and talent. Far more in a dance form that I have yet to make any meaningful headway.

I judge dance competitions often enough that I have a pretty critical eye, and I tend to see flaws in a competitive environment even when it is viewed remotely. My flaw.
In a discussion with Tommy Chang (Hypno) he was telling me that they re-edited the music in his performance, so what we heard was not what he heard when he was dancing. This was a common practice in the old days, and apparently it is still being done today.

He also told me that there was a decent amount of editing going on in the judges commentary.

Which does NOT surprise me. While Hypno is a professional, he is also from the old skool of b-boying, and I was surprised at how quiet he was during King's critique which was apparently also a little more expansive. Tommy said he had a thing or two to say in response which was edited out... they were still both professional was his report. I imagine that the editing took place to keep it happy go lucky for their "family" channel and avoid the conflicts of opinion and personality that may arise and make it seem like a dancing version of American Idol.

I hope that it doesn't happen to KEvin and Carla or Kyle and Sarah... the musicality those two couples exhibit when dancing is complex and subtle... any re-editing will damage their televised performance.


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Thanks for that update from Hyno d nice, that's really useful information to have in mind while watching. I also understand where you're coming from regarding the salsa couple -- or actually all of the dancers for that matter. I can apreciate what they do and still see room for improvement and have my own preferences.
All That! Clogging

Hey everybody,

I'm glad you liked All That! on Dance Fever. Cloggers have always wanted to chance to show what an exciting and fun dance clogging is, and it looks like they did a good job!

For more information about All That! visit http://www.toetaps.com/

I've also put the videoclip of All That! on the website too.

Thanks for your support,

Michael Scrip
ToeTaps.com Publicist
Hi Mscripclog,

Just curious...what makes clogging different from tap dancing. I watched a performance by some hoofers in Bring in Da Noise Bring in da Funk and it was really cool, but I have trouble telling you what specifically made that different from clogging.
Clogging and Tap

Hey Enthusiast,

Well, I’m not a tapper, so can’t give you too much insight into the world of tap dancing. As a clogger, the difference is obvious to me; they are completely different dances. And if you ask a tap dancer, they will certainly say they do NOT clog. But it’s very hard to express the difference with words. So I’ll explain a little of how clogging is done today, and in clogging competitions.

If a clogger and a tapper danced side by side, they might look similar. But if you tell them that they look the same, they will get angry. Clogging and tapping are both types of percussive dance. They make sounds with their feet. They both wear tap shoes, and make a lot of noise. But that’s where the similarities end.

“Clogging” is an umbrella term for a whole collection of dances. Here is a list of the different categories offered at clogging competitions:

Duos and Duets
Acapella Solos
Acapella Team
Moving Line
Standing Line
Artistic Expression

All of those are considered “clogging”, but they are all different kinds of dance. Whether you’re dancing a traditional Hoedown, or dancing a contemporary Moving Line, it’s still called clogging. You can clog by yourself, with a partner, or with a whole group of people. Clogging competitions last for 12 hours or more, usually with 150+ team dances and 3 hours of solo competition.

I’ve been to dance competitions, where they have Tap, Jazz and Ballet. Tap dancing is in a category just called Tap, alongside all of the other dance categories, Jazz, Lyrical, in large groups, small groups, solos/duos/trios, etc…

But, a clogging competition lasts all day, and cloggers compete in all those different clogging categories !!! It’s a whole different world. It’s so huge to us cloggers, but no one else understands it!

Side by side, a tapper and a clogger “might” look the same… but there is no tap equivalent to a Hoedown team dance or a Precision team dance.

I think now, with all of the TV coverage of clogging on 30 Seconds to Fame, Star Search and Dance Fever, I think we might have our chance to tell the world our story.

This is the best I can do without some video examples. I’ve been clogging for 14 years, and I’m fascinated by it’s history and where it’s going.

If you have any more questions, ask away.

Michael Scrip

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