Dance Fever Week 4 Discussion Thread


Round A
Southern Belles - Cloggers
Uterrio Edwards - Ballet
Jose and Michelle - Cha Cha
Sissle and Bowens - Vaudeville

Round B
New York's Finest - Underground
Lynsey Bergren - Modern Jazz
Sarah and Kyle - West Coast Swing
Tremaine Brown - Freestyle

What do you think about Week 4?


At least half of the dances tonight on Dance Fever had their music changed for the TV broadcast. I'm especially upset with the music they used for the Southern Belles. I've seen the Belles perform that dance many times, and their music is awesome. It's a custom mix, and everything is choreographed to that song. But, when ABC Family lays down a new track, it totally changes the performance. Luckily, the judges and audience heard the real song.

Now I'm worried about All That's music in the finals. I made it, and I hope they are able to use it in the broadcast of the finals. The first song they danced to was made in the software Acid, so there was no problem with broadcast rights. But there might be a problem with their final song!

If anyone has any questions about the software used to mix music, I've written a few articles that I could post here.

Michael Scrip
They have done it quiet a bit, I seriously doubt the music I heard tonight for Kyle and Sarah, but mostly because there was some definite drops in the dubbing when the music was the only thing that could be heard even the crowd was cheering, especially considering the end when the clapping was obviousely faded in. Seriousely if I was a producer on this show I'd fire the sounds editor befor a network big-wig decided I was a great scape-goat and canned me.

I must say this, at last we have a night where the best dancers BOTH made it to the dance off. As much as I think Kyle and Sarah rock, I'm not at all surprised by the judges decision for the Southern Belles. Excellent job!

Vince A

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"Somebody hit me!" Where in the heck have I been?

Dance Fever???

It seems that I only respond to certain 'posts' in here . . . I never opened this one, not even from Week 1.

And now I see Kyle and Sarah are competing . . . darn, I cannot believe I missed them! "Some of my best WCS moves" were learned from their classes at Swing events, and I NEVER attend those classes unless it's someone like Kyle and Sarah.

Is next week the final for this group?

Vince A

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Thanks a lot SD . . .

I don't jump into the "strictly ballroom" (pun intended) or Salsa posts because of my limited experience in these dances . . . nor do I watch much tv, so I must have caught the word tv somewhere and kept passing right over it.

I'll open each topic from now on . . . and keep my :shock: open!


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I understand where you're coming from Vince, started that way myself when I first joined the forums (albeit with different forums being followed/ignored).

Personally I started reading more broadly because I found that comments regarding leading/following seem to "translate" well.

Vince A

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Personally I started reading more broadly because I found that comments regarding leading/following seem to "translate" well.
I read you loud and clear . . . and this time . . . for real . . .

Vince A

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Believe it or not, I started doing this last Friday . . . these brilliant ideas do come to me now and then???????????? :roll:

I used to enjoy going into each topic to read the old history stuff, but found it to be too time consuming.

Last 50 Posts is the only way to go now!
Darn! I always miss the Dance Fever show. I never remember that it's on and we don't watch much TV either. We planned on taping it, then promptly forgot!! :oops: In dance class last night, someone brought a video of the show. She rewinded it to Sarah and Kyle's dance and the cloggers. Pretty impressive both of them. We'll have to make a point to watch this show. We've taken a few group classes during dance conventions from Sarah and Kyle too. They are one of our favorites.


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dancergal...I keep forgetting to set my VCR as well, but have been watching the replays on Saturday at 6pm. I don't know if this is only a west coast thing, but it might be worth checking out...
Thanks for the info SD, but the reason we miss these shows is mostly because we are out dancing Saturday nights (some Sunday nights as well!). Our only hope is to remember to set the VCR. :lol:


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dancergal said:
Thanks for the info SD, but the reason we miss these shows is mostly because we are out dancing Saturday nights (some Sunday nights as well!). Our only hope is to remember to set the VCR. :lol:
:shock: It's at 6pm on early do you go out dancing for the "night" :?:
Hey Salsa guy. We live so far away from anywhere to dance, we usually leave at 6:00 pm to get there by 7:00 pm. We dance until 10:00 to 11:30 or until the dance floor is too crowded to dance. We have to get there early if we want any dance time. Places to dance are so popular on Sat. nights that there is rarely any room to dance if you get there late.

Vince A

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Too bad you live so far. Here in Modesto, there are so many places to dance . . . all with just one style in ming though! There are also several places in Dublin (Two Left Feet), Fremont, and Sacramento.

However, in Oakdale, at the Gone Dancing studio, they have several dances a month. The music centers on WCS, Hustle, NC2S, Salsa, Cha Cha some ECS, some Lindy, some Waltz, and about every 5 or 6 songs - a 2-Step! Starts at 7:00 PM, usually with a Intermediate WCS, NC2S, or 2-Step lesson, given by Pros of course. Usually breaks up midnight to 1:00 AM.

There is at least one dance before each up coming competition, and I am able to really work on my routines, as my Pro usually attends.
Hi Vince, Two Left Feet is one of our favorite places to dance, but it's an hour and a half drive. We like to go on Friday nights, it's really hopping, but we don't go there too often. We dance at the Rack in Fremont most Wednesdays and Saturdays which is about an hour from our house. Occasionally we dance at the Rodeo on Wed. in San Jose because we like the band. Our Monday dance class is in Campbell which is 35 mins. Tues. we have a Santa Cruz swing dance class that also has a monthly dance on Sat. We drive to Redwood City once a month for Michelle Kincaid's monthly dance, and we drive all the way to Emeryville once a month for the Next Generation Swing Dance. So we do a lot of driving just to dance. :D

Vince A

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Hi again. When we do get to Two Left Feet, it is also on Friday nights, as Tue, Thur, Sat, and Sun are reserved for my privates with my Pro. Don't want to dance too much ya' now?? Nah! Not me!
Haven't been back to the Rack in a while, and have been to MK's dances. We also do a lot of driving, but our studio is real close and I have a key, and well, just dance every chance I get, plus I have a small cushioned floor in my third car garage (if I havent' already mentioned it), replete with mirrors, fans, sound system. This is where I do my "dialing in" of steps that give me fits, or do some new things that I've learned form this site.

There is no doubt in my mind, that if we haven't danced together, we've been on the floor at the same time!
I am a clogger and I know there has been a lot of discussion about the differences between clogging, tap, and irsh stepdancing. Well the most obvious difference between clogging and tap is that tap is danced on the upbeat, and clogging on the down. Cloggers also use a variety of other forms like Michael said. Cloggers also have a tendency to have a more controlled upperbody. As for irsh stepdancing, it is more of a straight legged dance, and the body is also held in a controlled posture. I know both the Belles, and All That and have competed with them and against them for many years. I want to say how much it means to the clogging world to be recognized for what it really is. It is a very modern dance, and it awesome to watch. Thanks everyone, and keep dancing.

Chip Harrison
TNC Elite Cloggers


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Wow, Sarah and Kyle really impressed me. Unfortunately I've been underwhelmed by most of teh couples performances so far but they were really, really sharp! Kudos!

As far as strait up dancing I think they were actually the stronger finalists. But the Belle's formation work was fantatstic. It is very hard to do tight formations--and formation transitions especially (which the Belle's had some really nice ones)--while maintaining full technique, so hats off to them too.

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