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Just wanted to mention that I have now hired a programmer to make Dance Forums better on mobile. The initial goal will be simply to match what is working pretty well already on Salsa Forums. Thanks to the money we received for the silent auction, donations and advertising, we actually have some extra money to spend on other improvements too! If you have any ideas, please let me know. I'll update you once the changes are made.
so it is a lot better on mobile now but still not quite as good as I'd like. I'll probably be purchasing a premade theme that is about $100 and then having someone work with the colors. And fortunately we have this money thanks to everyone's generous donations.


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Just for some feedback...the search function has disappeared when browsing on an iPhone 5. Can't find it anywhere :-/

Larinda McRaven

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I don't really see any difference with the exception of the author header above each post. But I try to never log on from my phone because it is just too small to do anything worthwhile from.


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From sneaking peeks at it today, the only minor issue is the page numbers gets interfered with from the menus above it. But the page numbers are available at the bottom of the screen too, so this isn't a huge issue.

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