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I just wanted to mention I added a new link in the upper right hand corner for Statistics where you can see all sorts of interesting things. ;)
Im not quite up to your level yet ;)
Youve got 4 times as many posts a day as me... :oops:
:p Ive gotta get cracking! :p :p
(id have more but a kindly father does like to use the computer every once and awhile also.)


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DanceMentor said:
Hmmm....nothing in the Top Posters for the Week now.
Maybe it is a new week...
Yeah. Sunday to Saturday. Hmm. I wonder if the system will calculate a new number after Sunday is over, or whether it takes a certain number of posts to achieve a critical mass. Guess I'll have to post a bunch of stuff just to see. :roll: :lol:


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It's nice to see that a well-run forum with active moderators, stable software, and not a lot of crazy protective rules can generate so much traffic. Hip hip hooray!!


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Yeah. I think that one of the reasons DF has so many loyal members is that it's such a nice place to be. Moderators and DF members all make it that way, IMO.

DF rocks. :rocker: :D
:cheers: three CHEERS for the DF
hip hip hooray! :)
hip hip hooray! :D
:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

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