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whew! got to work safely - i had to drive through several flooded street! That's so unusual - not sure what's crossing a 10" stream will do to my poor car.....

oh, you know what's worse?? i ran into my boss in the elevator... :shock: :?
well, being the president of the company, i'm sure he's got a very flexible schedule!! But honestly, eventhough i'm supposed to start 8am, i haven't been doing that for about....let's see.....2 years??
i guess we're quite flexible around here - there really isn't any fixed time schedule - when we're late, we stay late to finish the work.
i guess i have the excuse of - i live in a different city!! But then again 99% of our workers live in different cities....that excuse probably isn't gonna fly...


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pygmalion said:
Good Lord! I just looked at the stats page. :shock: This has gotta be my highest posting month ever. 1900+ posts already, so probably 2 grand by the 31st.

I must cut out this nonsense immediately. :lol: :lol:
<rude mode=on>for example this one, <rude mode=off>
eh?? you're 1 month ahead of me?? i'm looking @ the 2nd chart [Top posting users this Month [July 2005] ] - the one before the top posting user this week.....


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True. But I'm assuming from lynn's post that her stat display still says July. Can't figure that out, since mine's been saying August since 12:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time on August 1.
yep, mine's been staying in July since....well, forever, i guess!! ah, i'm stuck in time!!! oh, remind me of that movie, what's it called?? tuck everlasting?? that was actually one of the novel we had to read when i was in high school!

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