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SDsalsaguy said:
Any last minute pre-orders for the black DF shirts?

Also, Cafe Press has a holiday sale going on now... $10 off orders of $50 or more and ground shipping at the super saver price through Dec. 20th!

Check out all the ccol DF stuff :arrow:
I'll take one of the black strappy tops in medium. :D Hehe! Only nineteen reminders and I still forgot. My brain is umm... leaking. :oops: :lol: How do I actually order? Through Cafe Press?


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No the black T-shirts aren't through Cafe Press... for some reason beyond reason they don't have black shirts! :evil:

Anyway, I have you down for one med. black strappy Jenn.
At the salsaclass this week I found out that I need a DF business card.

My teacher knows that I have god track of whats happening on the web. He always sends all questions to me. And instead of giving the students an answer I like to send theses people to DF. So they can go here and become new members and read for themself.

Is it possible that someone designs a DF business card? Suitable for me and others to print out at home. Or can anyone send me a picture with resolution and quality enough?

(There are standardized businesscard paper to buy and put into any printer.)



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Anything happening with the black T-shirts?

(I know you are super-busy SD, but I thought I'd bring this thread up to the top just so you know I haven't forgotten... :wink: )

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