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are we going with dipped in chocolate....?...b/c if it is the kind that hardens, like on a dairy queen cone, I might see my way to participating enough...uh reinforcement...nope...perhaps the A-1 ladies will go for it....not me...that day has come and gone...but with a tiny bit of help...I am competition worthy...and game


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LOL... i think he was thinking more of pounding each other with 2-lb bags of M&Ms... does have its appeal. especially when paired with the naked comps...

i have to agree with you, neilsie, btw... great story arcs
Wow... are we ever off-track, lol.

I can't think of anything to get it back on though. Hmm. I, as the raven-haired villainess, have gotten pregnat with triplets, each from a different father. Let's try and hypothesize whose they are! And what will happen when they're born. Doctor tj will have some shocked faces when he hands the babies over to me and whoever is waiting with a cigar on the other side of the door...

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